Tuesday, February 16, 2021

New Week - really icy!

 It's the start of another week. Another week of winter weather. We've had cold weather here in Michigan and another snow storm. The snow was quite deep this morning. Husband had dug out some paths to the birdfeeders - got to make sure the birds are fed lol - but the driveway wasn't done. I have a four wheel drive car but I was afraid I wouldn't get out and the street wasn't done so I stayed inside until husband came home. He took me to the park for a walk while he did the driveway and the raked the snow off the roof (yes, that is a thing - it helps cut down on the build-up of icicles). I was glad to get out but it took me a long while to walk such a short distance! 

Not a lot of update on Mum. I think there is just such a long road ahead. More than any of us thought.  I feel for my sister and wish I could give her a break. It sounds like she has a really good friend that she can talk to - though they can't visit at all due to the lockdown. 

I've been trying this week. I have been up in my craftroom. I am finding it a little hard to create when I'm in a funk, but I'm just trying to go with the flow. 

At the weekend husband and I managed to get out on Sunday. We went up to the lighthouse to see some ice. It was lovely. I don't like cold or snow, but seeing the ice it is just something fantastical. It's amazing what Mother Nature can do. 

Photo day - two phone photos from the weekend. I am still sorting through camera photos. 


  1. Great photos, but that does look so cold!

    Your Mum is still in my thoughts and prayers. I hope she sees an improvement soon xx

  2. Yes, mother nature can surely stage a photo! I shiver just looking at them...well, it is -17 here today...I hope this is last night of this!

  3. Great photos as always and hoping for a good recovery for you Mum. XXXXX

  4. Wow! Look at all that ice! I'm sorry your mum's recovery is taking a long time, but, that's what I've heard from other's too - that it takes a really long time. Safe driving in all that snow and ice and keep warm!

  5. Amazing Ice photos but I'm thankful we don't have to rake snow off roofs in Suffolk!


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