Saturday, October 7, 2023

Checking in From Minnesota

It's been a while again. I'm really enjoying my time spent with my daughter in Minnesota. At the beginning of the week the weather was unseasonably warm and we had to put the air conditioner back on. Now it's downright chilly. I don't think my body can keep up!

I had gone to Minnesota to dog sit last weekend - three dogs! - while my daughter and her husband were at his brother's wedding. They were going away for a couple of days. They had a lovely time. The dogs behaved well, though they were a little confused at night time. Daughter and her husband have their bedroom downstairs, while the guest room is upstairs. They did well the first night, the second they were restless at night. I was ready for them to come home and I was glad for an uninterrupted night's sleep on Sunday!

I'm still feeling dizzy and tired and a little out of breath. I haven't been walking far. I'm hoping this will go away. It has to, right?  

A few phone photos from this week. I fly back to Michigan on Monday. 

The three dogs. Sierra - on the right - does not look happy lol. 

Some Autumn colours

A puffy cloud at sunset

Sunrise through the window


  1. Glad to hear that you are enjoying yourself, Sharon. I love that last photo of the sunrise! Wow!

  2. The out of breath thing must be so annoying. I hope it goes away very soon.
    Glad you are enjoying your time with your daughter

  3. Beautiful dogs . . . and that sunset is stunning.

    Hoping you feel loads better very quickly. xx


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