Friday, May 20, 2016

Five on Friday

This is a late Five on Friday post joining up with the wonderful Love Made My Home website. It's a fantastic place to visit and there are a lot of people joining in with Five on Friday.

This week I'm sharing five things from my week. It's been a busy one. My birthday was yesterday and I turned (gasp) 46. I can't believe it. Where have the years gone? My kids are all grown up. Hubby and I are re-learning how to go places with just the two of us and our nest is (almost empty).

On Tuesday I got together with a couple of friends from a place I used to work. We went out to eat, natter and catch up on some gossip. A perfect way to spend an evening!

Thursday my daughter Rach came to visit, we spent the day shopping and then went back to her place in Lansing.

We shared wine and dessert - yummy chocolate cake and macaroons - and watched a movie.

Her recently adopted shelter dog is so sweet and cuddly!

Today we braved the drive to Detroit and went to the zoo. Wow. What an adventure! Who knew the zoo would be so busy! It is massive. I didn't realise the zoo would be so big. Detroit, the city, doesn't have such a good reputation but the zoo is well worth a visit - the parking is not so good though.

It was quite a warm day today and a lot of the animals were finding shelter where they could.

Others were being out there for all to see.

Some were too busy digging holes to look at anyone!

My favourites were the penguins. They have a new home. We could see it snowing in their home. You could walk in a tunnel under the water and watch them swimming above you.

Tomorrow we're back in Lansing for the Spring Arts & Crafts show. The weather is supposed to be lovely. I'm hoping we'll have time to stop by one of my favourite places to eat. I really fancy pizza and their breadsticks are so yummy!

Finally on Monday and Tuesday hubby and I are taking a trip up to Traverse City. We will be taking walks by the lake and checking out a couple of Lighthouses. Hopefully I'll have pictures to share early next week. We're also going by Sleeping Bear Dunes. The weather is supposed to be great!

Thanks for sharing what I've been up to and what I'm going to be doing. We'll be using our hard-earned holiday fund to do some of this! I'm going to put my feet up for a bit - my ankle is not thanking me for walking so much today - and I'll be off to see what others have been up to.


  1. What a very busy and fun week you have had, wonderful.


  2. Belated birthday greetings. It looks like you had a busy but happy week from the selection of photos. Good company and an interesting place to visit. Love the photo of the animals at the zoo. It's good when they are relatively free to roam, fly or in the case of the penguins swim around. It sounds as if you're going to have a good weekend out and about. Sleeping Bear Dunes must be wonderful. Enjoy the good weather and the outing!

  3. Sounds like a great week, creating some wonderful family memories.

  4. Belated birthday wishes, it sounds as if you have had a lovely few days going out and about. You have taken some great photos at the zoo:)

  5. I Grew up in Michigan so you are making me feel very nostalgic right now. My Brother lived a mile or so from the zoo, you could hear the lions roar from his house. There is no more beautiful place in Michigan than Traverse City. I grew up in Dearborn and went to school in Kalamazoo, I miss the western part of the state.
    Enjoy Spring in Michigan,

  6. Happy belated birthday, Sharon! I'm glad to hear there was cake :-) sounds like you have lots of nice things planned, enjoy! xx

  7. Lovely photos, looks like you've really enjoyed yourself.:-)

  8. Happy Birthday!!! So glad you have had such a great time and done lots of fun things! Thank you for joining Five on Friday, I hope you are having a great weekend!

  9. Happy belated Birthday! I love penguins and it must be fascinating being able to see them swimming underwater.

  10. Hi Sharon! Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving a lovely comment! It has been fun visiting with you & happy birthday- we are the same age now! Detroit zoo looks great & I wonder have you been to the Henry Ford museum as we have heard it's great.
    Enjoy your weekend & come by again!
    Christine preferablyprim

  11. Happy birthday! You are young to have an almost empty nest. Enjoy your time out and about with hubby.

  12. Hi Sharon, your trip to the zoo looked like fun. And, so did the movie night with dau. A little wine and dessert always brightens things up a bit.

  13. Looks like you had a fun week. I didn't realize Detroit had such an amazing zoo. I'm suppose to attend a knitting retreat later this fall on Bois Bland Island.

  14. Belated birthday greetings. Hope you are having a fun weekend. xx

  15. Belated birthday wishes (I'd love to be 46 again!) My goodness, your daughter's dog is enormous, he looks very sweet though. Thanks for your comment on my post.

  16. Hello Sharon,
    Belated Happy Birthday. I'm glad you had a good day. 46 was the start of a new phase of life for me and I'll always remember it fondly. Those cheese sticks look amazing and I'm a little hungry just now and trying to assuage it with a cup of hot chocolate.
    Have a great week.

  17. Happy belated birthday, its so nice finding the time to catch up with old friends/work colleagues - sounds like you had a lovely time together.
    Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

  18. Happy belated birthday wishes, I am not far behind you and often gasp when I see my mum in the mirror ha! The trip to the zoo sounds great I didn't realise that Detroit even had a zoo never mind a huge one. The day with your daughter also sounds fab, time with them becomes important when they are not around every day doesn't it? I hope you had a lovely weekend xx

  19. Belated birthday greetings! Those cookies looked delicious. And that puppy is gorgeous too. Hope you had a great weekend!


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