Sunday, May 8, 2016


It was a beautiful day this Sunday. Usually my middle son comes up for dinner on Sundays but he had to work so we decided to take a trip. We've been visiting lighthouses around the area and today we went to Michigan City, Indiana. The drive takes about an hour and a half but there is also an hour time change - they are an hour behind Michigan time. I had forgotten until I glanced at my phone and saw the time was different from car clock!

We went to visit two lighthouses here. One is the Old Michigan City lighthouse which is Indiana's oldest lighthouse.

This lighthouse is back from the lake a little bit which would explain why they built the second lighthouse.

It was a lovely walk out to the lighthouse - the pier was actually a little bit wider than the last one we went on and the water was a lot calmer! There wasn't a lot of room to walk around the lighthouse just a small staircase and a ledge on the other side. Yikes!

This is the look back from the lighthouse. You can see the rocks on the other side of the ledge that you walk along. In the background you can see the beach. The sand was beautiful and golden. There were only a few people out and about despite it being quite nice. I don't think the park is officially open yet.

I don't think they'd cleaned up from the winter yet!

When we were looking at the old lighthouse we heard a horrible sound - sort of a cross between an emergency vehicle and the warning sirens sounding - and realised it was the warning that this bridge was going to open to let the sailboat pass through. I'm not sure how often the bridge opens but it was a bit of luck that we were able to see it. A fun ending to our visit.

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  1. What lovely pictures of your sunny day, I think they will need some big machinery to shift the sand - wonder what else is buried?


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