Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Garage sale & walk

Saturday my daughter came up to visit. We went to a neighbourhood garage sale in the morning. It was quite nice. I love these sales as you can park your car and walk around the neighbourhood. It is always packed with people and bargains can be found!

Sadly we didn't find much of anything. I was the only one who ending up spending and all I found was some books and a couple of magazines. The magazines are ones I really like but retail for $14.99 each!

I only spent about $7. Lots to read and look at once it gets nice enough to sit in the garden! My daughter brought her recently adopted husky along with us. She is so well behaved with people. She got so many 'she's so pretty' comments and sat nicely while people including kids petted her. The shelter didn't know a lot about her past but she must be used to kids and car rides (she is SO good in the car I could drive around all day with her lol).

Later we took her for a walk in the nature preserve.

It looked like somebody had been busy in the woods! We found two 'structures'.

Something else we found - when we got home and not so nice - TICKS! Yuck. Yuck.

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