Friday, May 13, 2016

Isle of Wight - Five on Friday May 13th

I'm joining in again with the group over at Love Made My Home for Five on Friday. With the warmer weather coming I'm thinking holidays! I should be thinking crafting as there are cards I need to make and things I want to get done to take to Mum when I go home.

However for this week's Five on Friday I'm going to share some pictures from my holiday we took last year to the Isle of Wight. It's a very pretty island. I'd never been there before and I had a really good time. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone. There is SO much to see. We didn't even get to see everything and, if there weren't so many other places to explore, I'd go back again! I'm hoping looking at the pictures again will help inspire me to get the album done I'd like to take for Mum!

The Needles

This is such a beautiful landmark. We were lucky to have such a gorgeous day when we visited. To be honest, I couldn't stop taking pictures! I love lighthouses and this is just so unique. There is a chair lift down to the beach but I don't like heights so I skipped it (I'm such a chicken!)


This is a gorgeous village filled with quaint shops and thatched roof houses. This is the story our coach driver told us about how the village came to be named.

The hill on which the church stands was once used by pagans as a place of worship and legend tells that the building of a church was begun at the foot of the hill but that on three successive nights stones were removed from the site and placed in the place of the present church although no one saw them being moved and for the first two mornings work was restarted at the foot but by the third day it was assumed that God wished the church to be built on the hill, hence the name Godshill.

That hill was pretty darn steep! Mum was still early on in her recovery so we didn't even attempt it.

St. Mildred's Church

It's a very nice village church. Inside is a wonderful display of royal and local memorabilia including a replica of Princess Beatrice's wedding dress. I think what I liked most about this visit was the graveyard. It's a little strange to say this about a graveyard but it was quite pretty. I love old graveyards, some of the stonework is just beautiful.

Osborne House
If you ever have a chance to visit this house I would highly recommend it. This is the estate where Queen Victoria died. It is a gorgeous house and grounds. I could have taken lots and lots of pictures (and did). The statues were glorious, so detailed and just stunning.

The rooms inside were stunning - no photography allowed. There were a LOT of stairs though. The guides/guards were very helpful when the stairs proved a bit much for Mum. They led us to a place where we could sit and allowed us to go back down again inside of seeing the rest of the house.

The Boats

It sounds silly but I didn't realise there would be so many darn boats everywhere! We were there the week before The America's Cup so there were more boats than usual, but The Isle of Wight is well known for it's sailing.

No kidding - I have a lot of boat pictures! We went on a lovely boat trip (yup, I braved it!) around the island and closer to Portsmouth. There were just so much to see. The place is packed with history - castles, forts, warships, roman villas. We had a really great time. It was such a nice break for Mum after her treatment, a time just to relax and have fun. Can you tell I'm already excited for this year?


  1. What a great five, I haven't been for many years but I don't suppose it changes too much. Take care.

  2. One of my most favourite places to visit. Usually we are there every year as we have a sailing boat but her adventures have taken us north to the Arctic and now to Scotland. But by next summer we hope to be back to the IOW. Lovely post x

  3. You've taken me back to my childhood when I lived in Berkshire and we would take holidays on the south coast. I've been once to the Isle of Wight and remember it as one of those places where you can spend a quiet, old-fashioned sort of holiday, sand, sea and watching boats go by, which I loved. The story of how Godshill was named is interesting.

  4. I haven't been to the Isle of Wight for many years. I remember visiting as a child and teenager but not since. It was lovely to see you photos. I do remember visiting Godshill:)

  5. You have just added another place to add to my list of "must see". I loved reading about the history of this beautiful place. And, I would love to visit Osborne House. Thank you for sharing. Pat xx

  6. You had a lovely holiday on the island. The houses in the Godshill village are adorable, I love the thatched roofs. The Osborne House is very impressive indeed. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. The Isle of Wight is not too far from us so have spent quite a fair bit of time there over the years. It is a wonderful place to visit with lots to do. I hope that whatever you choose to do this time around will be just as enjoyable. xx

  8. I love Osborne House, it's one of my favourites! They've opened up Queen Victoria's beach now but it's a bit of a trek through the grounds and the museum by Swiss Cottage is packed full of interesting things isn't it. :-)

  9. So glad you enjoyed your visit to the Isle of Wight - I really enjoyed looking at your photos which reminded me of our visit several years ago - I absolutely loved Osborne House and got a lot of photos there. We went across on the hovercraft!


  10. What an amazing building with the thatched roof. would love to walk through the village and graveyard. thank you for the tour.

  11. What a lovely place to visit!! I especially love the boat scenes. So much to see...

    Thanks for your visit to Thinking About Home. :)

  12. Beautiful 5 places. Love to see the lighthouse. Beautiful village. Got attracted by their roofs. Thanks for sharing them.

  13. I really enjoyed your five today, this looks like a great place for a holiday.


  14. Such lovely moments from your travels!! I have only been to the IOW once in recent years, but I really enjoyed it. Osborne House is amazing isn't it, but as you say, a lot of up and down! Thank you for joining Five On Friday, I hope you are having a good weekend. Sorry to be late visiting, I have been otherwise occupied as I said in my post. xx

  15. It’s great to hear you had a lovely time there. I too have visited the area and wonder whether I’ll see it again.


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