Friday, March 9, 2018

End of Week

We're back to snow again - at least for a few days. Ugh. Things have to warm up soon, right? It will be the middle of March next week. I can't believe Mother's Day (England) crept up on me so quickly! It's Mother's Day here in the US in May but I try to do both for Mum. I managed to get a card out but not sure if it will be there in time (bad daughter!). I ordered her a few things from that I think she'll like. The shipping is a lot cheaper than trying to post things from here. At Christmas the cost of posting her box was just ridiculous. I was thinking of sending flowers but she'll get those from my sisters and I don't always know when she's going to be home and invariably pick the wrong time.

I haven't done as much sorting this week as hoped. I've been keeping up with my daily housework but not the extra I was hoping to get done. I've been too fascinated by all the back garden birds and trying to freeze flowers. Yikes. Yesterday I realised I'd been spending far too much time on both.

This little fellow keeps getting into the birdfeeder. It's amazing to watch as the feeder is on a thin pipe thing. I sort of feel sorry for it. The squirrel doesn't have much of a tail, just a stump and a patch of fur missing on his back. I think he must have been in a fight. 

The squirrel doesn't seem to detract the birds from coming to visit. Today I do have to finish a card for my sister for her birthday and (hopefully) get to the post office if the roads aren't bad. I'm such a chicken and won't drive in the snow. I want to sort out some more things to put up on Ebay. Things that don't sell will be donated. I want them out of the house. 

The snow is supposed to stop and the weekend be sunny but chilly. I'll take that. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend. 


  1. I dislike driving in the snow too - it's so easy to lose control.
    J x

  2. Brave little squirrel...he's so cute.
    No snow here just constant rain and more rain predicted.
    Have a good weekend.

  3. Loved seeing the squirrel, a great photo.

  4. Loved the picture of the squirrel. Poor thing lost its tail!

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