Friday, March 23, 2018

Week Done

Another week flying by. We've had a lot in the way of sunshine this week so I've been out and about. I haven't got a lot done in the house. I have sorting to do but bending down low or sitting on the floor (and trying to get up) aren't exactly easy with the back ache. I keep waiting for it to ease up. Hoping once the weather warms up things will ease up.

I started on a new knitting piece. I bought quite a bit of yarn with specific patterns in mind but, silly me, I didn't place the yarn with patterns and now don't know exactly what I bought for which pattern (or what I did with them!). Sigh. I chose a scarf but with some stitches I didn't know. Silly mistake. Took forever to find out what I was supposed to do - Google is my friend. It's a yarn over pattern but the written description was really confusing - slip the next six stitches, dropping extra wraps off needle, cross first three stitches over next three stitches, slip stitches back to left needle and knit. I did find out what to do - complete with video which I really needed. Phew.

I haven't taken a photo of it, but I am doing some Still Life photography for the online course I'm taking and I stuck the knitting in there. Still Life isn't really my thing - too organised and planned. I'm not good at either.

And another of just the flowers. 

I'm looking forward to the weekend. Hopefully we'll get out for a couple of walks. Husband is going to a friend's house tomorrow afternoon so I'm hoping to do some more of that knitting - I have to concentrate when doing the pattern! Hope everyone has a good weekend. 


  1. Sounds like the knitting pattern is some sort of cable; I suppose in the previous row, it asked you to wrap the yarn once around the needle, before or after knitting (or purling) the next stitch - dropping the extra yarn allows the stitch to be a bit bigger, so that it accommodates the crossing over of stitches without bunching up the knitting. I'm glad you found more helpful information online. The scarf will be lovely when completed, I'm sure. The color is pretty, too.

    Both pictures are lovely. The focus is definitely on the flowers in the second one and it is an invitation to meditate on the flowers, their color against the dark background. But the first one seems to tell a story - someone has just put down her knitting to maybe go and make herself a cup of tea and when she comes back, she plans to read her book while she enjoys her tea. Makes me want to go and make myself a cup of tea, actually! :)

    1. Yes, I think it's some sort of cable/cross thing. It wasn't easy to find online. The pattern doesn't call it a specific name. I'm muddling through it though.

      Thanks for the compliments about the photos. I wasn't sure, but they didn't turn out too bad. Enjoy your weekend!


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