Sunday, March 18, 2018

Flying By...

The days seem to be flying by, merging into one another. The sun is shining here and the temperatures have warmed up a little this weekend. It's lovely to see the sunshine and listen to the birds as I stand outside while walking in the woods.

My son got a new cat today. He's really excited. It's his first pet in his own place. I think he's a little nervous too. When I get pics I'll share. The little thing looks so tiny. Son is a pretty big guy so seeing him holding the little kitten in his arms is quite funny. Son has been feeling down for a while so I'm hoping this will help.

I've been out walking - tripped over a tree root Friday and went splat. Luckily I managed not to stick my face completely in the dirt and the other tree root that I fell on (thankfully) only left a bruise on my chunky leg and didn't skewer it completely! My whole body ached on Saturday, still aching today but not as bad. Thankfully nobody but the trees and the birds witnessed my not graceful fall. It's not been my week. On Thursday my computer somehow slipped off the lap table I had it on and, as I was bending down, I managed to smack myself in the nose with it. I am now the proud owner of a rather lovely purpley bruise across my nose!

Finished another book and a basic hat, but otherwise haven't been too crafty. I have been out and about taking photos walking while the weather is good. I have started on another Unfinished cross stitch project. I'm not quite sure why I put is aside as there isn't a lot left to do!  

Hope everyone is having a good weekend with not too much snow!


  1. Oh my goodness you have been in the wars Sharon....I hope the aches and pains disappear soon.

    We've had a good weekend...although weather wise as The Beast came back and bit us up the bum. It's been freezing cold, windy and snowy.

    1. That should say....although 'not' weather

  2. Ouch - that all sounds very uncomfortable. Hopefully the aches will ease off through the day.
    J x

  3. Hope the the little kitty helps your son feel better, animals are so good at lifting spirits. Still bitterly cold here, snow going though xx

  4. Sorry to hear you fell on Friday and hit your nose, earlier, on Thursday. Hope your this week is better. Hope your son feels better, soon, too.


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