Monday, March 5, 2018


I finished all my cross stitch. Phew! The backstitch wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. This one was fun to stitch. I have a goal to get some of the projects done I have sitting in my stash and this was one of them. Not sure how long ago I bought the kit. It is supposed to be a large card but I'm going to frame it and put it on my craft wall. Can't give Bagpuss away lol.

The weekend was bright and sunny if not a little chilly. It was nice to get out in the sunshine. It's supposed to be cloudy and snowy the next few days so I'm making the most of it. Daughter is under a warning for a lot of snow. Poor her. She said they were giving people the option of leaving early so you know it's got to be bad for Minnesota to do that lol. She's going to stay at work. Shasta, her husky, is having surgery today so she'd have to go out and get her when it's done so she might as well work. 

We had planned a long walk yesterday - up on the sand dunes, but we got to the State Park, started walking and there was still too much snow and ice on the trail! Couldn't believe it. We've had quite a few days above freezing - some days as high as 15C (60f) - so you can guess how much snow/ice we must have had. Hubby ended up slipping over on the ice and landing on his back. Thankfully he was okay except for a bruised elbow. Ouch. 

The path was solid ice. There was still quite a lot of ice along the lakeshore. 

It is gradually going. We hadn't expected to see any left this week so were quite surprised to still see lots of ice. 

My purchase this week. I keep taking photos of birds and have no idea what they are so treated myself to this little book. 

Hope everyone had a good weekend and a easy start to another week. 


  1. WOW....I can't believe all that ice around the lake.
    Ouch to your poor hubby.

  2. He (Bagpuss) is very, very cute indeed.
    Hope your husband isd OK. Ice can make for a crashing fall.
    J x

  3. That is a lot of ice and puts me to shame complaining about the little we get here in comparison. I had to buy a bird book too.

  4. Glad to hear your husband is OK after the fall! Hope Shasta is OK after the surgery.


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