Monday, March 12, 2018


The weekend seems to fly by here. Sunday here in the US the clocks went forward and back home it was Mother's Day. It seemed to have come early this year - for some reason I thought it was later in the month. Luckily I looked last weekend and managed to get a card out to Mum which made it in time! I ordered her a couple of books and films from She said (as she always says) that she didn't want anything but I can't let either Mother's Day (US & England) go by without sending her something.

It was a lovely sunny weekend and now today we're back to snow showers and a grey day. We did manage to get out and about for a walk this weekend. Yesterday we seemed to get a later start due to the messing around with the clocks. This morning was so dark! I have to remind myself when I call Mum to get the time right - I'll have to google it.

My back was playing up this morning - the nights haven't got any better but usually the pain goes away in the daytime. I think it was because we walked up a LOT of steps yesterday, hundreds of them. Sigh. Not my favourite. I decided to not walk today and instead cleaned up from the weekend and did a little crafting.

I did my pages for February. Hopefully I'll keep going for the rest of the year lol. While I was sorting through a few things I came across this postcard from my collection. I actually bought it the other year here in the US from an antiques market. I thought it was very interesting. This one actually was sent. I liked how there was no house number or even street. I suppose the postie just knew where the person could be found! The writer had been to Petticoat Lane and was quite impressed how you could buy everything from postage stamps to a billy goat!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!


  1. Weekends always go by too quickly, don't they? Especially when we are short-changed an hour due to the clocks being changed! Your February scrapbooking page looks lovely! I hope you do keep it up! Loved the old card, too. :) Hope you have a lovely week ahead of you, Sharon.

  2. I really don't like it when the clocks go forward. The long days drive me mental. I'm afraid I will be wishing for October all through the summer.

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