Monday, May 3, 2021

Beginning of Another Week

 It was rainy this morning. I almost gave up on the walk, but then the rain moved off and I texted my walking friend and we had a quick one. It was lovely and quiet and - admittedly - still a little drizzly, a light mist seeming to fill the air. We chatted about what we had done at the weekend and stopped to admire a blue heron as it flew across the lake and listened to the spring frogs and toads making their noises. I didn't take a lot of photos, but sometimes it's just nice to look and listen. 

Yesterday was a completely different date. It was sunny and quite warm. Husband and I had a lovely walk in the morning. In the afternoon I sat on the back porch and watched the birds in my garden for a little while. I've been waiting - quite impatiently I might add - for the Orioles to come back to the garden. I've had a little bit of grape jelly (sort of a smooth jam with no pips or bits in it) sitting out. The Orioles love this. I've had it out for a few days but I finally saw one! I can't believe how something so little made me so happy. 

Look at his lovely bright colour! Spring has definitely arrived!

Trying to start positively for the week I have put a notebook back on the little table by the side of my chair. If something comes to me - something I have to remember to do or lists I write them down. I have meals planned for the week and most of the food purchased (this will save on trips to the shops). I have also made a note to participate in Eileen's Photograpy Challenge and what the theme is for May. I always think about it and then forget and then I can't remember the theme. This month I shall try to do better. 

Hope everyone had a good Monday. 


  1. Let's hope your book system works as I'd love to see your photos for the monthly challenge. I always set weekly reminders on my phone otherwise I'd forget and have a last minute panic!

    Love the photo ... a beautiful bird and I can see why it cheered you up.

  2. I love these things that mark the rolling round of the year. What a lovely bird the oriole is.

  3. Such a pretty bird!

    Quite a contrast in your weather, but, you still got in your walks! I like the idea of the notebook. I do that, too! Right now, my note book contains a recipe for scones, my knitting instructions for the sweater I am making, and my May projects list! That's where I did my "brain dump" the other night, with my projects list!

    Hope you have a lovely week ahead.

  4. That bird is lovely. We had a visit from a Green Finch yesterday. It's the first time we've seen one in our garden for years and we are hoping it comes back to visit again. It certainly seemed to like the fat balls Tony had put out

  5. my neighbors (country mile) said she had orioles yesterday. They are back.


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