Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Not a Bad Day

 I did make a list last night. I got a start on the sorting out winter to summer clothes. I didn't finish it all, but I've started. I think I'll have to buy another chest of drawers as the one I have is falling to pieces and is not efficient at all. I do already have a small pile to donate too. I am planning on doing more tomorrow. 

The weather certainly didn't feel too spring like today! It was pretty chilly when I was out for my walk. My walking friend hadn't checked the weather and wasn't dressed appropriately so was rather cold. I had put out the bird feeders and felt how cold it was so was well bundled up! I do bring the feeders in at night as otherwise the raccoons pull them all down and run off with them!

I sorted out two piles of books that had been sitting places where they shouldn't be. It felt good to have them put away. 

I have had this little garden kit sitting on my dining room table since I bought it. Today I read the instructions and got it started. I have a terrible green thumb so am hoping to at least get something out of it! It was rather cheap and sounded like fun. 

You have to put the little disks with some water and mix it all together until it forms a soft dirt and then sprinkle the seeds on the top and press them in. It said to cover with cling film but me and clingfilm are not friends and I don't have any so I put a food baggie over the top. You do have to keep the water damp. Hopefully the seeds will germinate. We shall see!

Hopefully I will have good news to share lol. I am planning on getting a few flowers to put in pots (that I purchased from the dollar shop).  I am hoping I will do better with potted plants. Maybe I'll even manage to keep them alive!


  1. I've been having a major chuck out and it's really liberating. Yesterday was the turn of the kitchen. Today it's conservatory and then I will start on the loft. I have so much stuff to simply get rid of.

  2. That Zen garden looks like a nice little project! I'll be looking forward to seeing the seedlings grow!

    Well done on the clothes sorting! :)

  3. Well done for starting the sorting out. Starting is the hardest part, I think.

  4. I planted a few seeds the other day too...a little late...but, better than never....


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