Saturday, May 1, 2021



Happy May Day! I have such lovely childhood memories of dancing around the Maypole in primary school.  I loved doing it though I wasn't really sure why we did it. Weaving in and out. It was usually so much fun and so pretty. We had a huge hill in our playground that we weren't allowed to go up on a normal day. However when we had 'festivals' we could go up a few at a time. Later when I returned to the school as a teen I was dismayed to find that the hill wasn't really that big. I suppose it was the innocence of childhood - or perhaps the forbidden!

I am loving seeing all the blossom around. It certainly brings a smile to my face. The wind, not so much. Today, as I'm sitting in my house, I can hear the wind outside. It's really quite breezy! I sat outside for a little while watching the birds but the sun went in and it became quite chilly with that wind. 

I have decided that I'm going to write a few goals for the month. I am hoping that by having them written down I will at least accomplish something.  For starters 

1. Clear off the front porch!!! It is a screened in porch but we put up protective plastic in the winter to keep out the snow. It became a catch-all for the stuff I sorted that hasn't gone anywhere. It is time to take off the plastic and I need to get rid of the stuff. The library bookshop has shut again (as has the library) and I can't wait around forever so the books will have to go to another charity shop. Once gone I need to vacuum and pull down the plastic. We have a couple of chairs and a small table out there and it would be nice to sit out there in the evening and maybe read. 

2. Start taking vitamins! I bought some but have put off taking them as the last time I took them I felt quite sick. I need to give them a try. I am lacking something in my diet. Hormones are jumping around and I feel tired, stressed and just 'off' too much of the time. I am hoping that by at least taking vitamins it would help.  

3. Eat better! I'm doing really good at planning meals for the guys but when it comes to me I usually don't bother with much which isn't good. They are both meat-eaters and I am not. 

4. Really try to be conscious about spending - especially stress spending. I am finding myself doing more of that recently and it's not good. I don't need more stuff!

5. Sort out my closet. It's getting to the time where lighter clothes are needed and some of the jumpers can be put away. I want to make sure to clear out any items to donate or toss away older clothes. 

I know it doesn't seem like much but it's a start! 


  1. Happy May Day to you, too! I didn't grow up with the tradition of dancing around the May Pole, but, it sounds like fun!

    You have some really good goals there! I, too, wrote down a few project goals to get started on in May. We'll have to compare notes at the end of the month! Good luck to both of us! :)

    1. Sounds like a good idea! I hope I can keep on track. I am so distracted lately.

  2. Dancing around the maypole must have been such fun. I love the idea of a 'goals list'. I could certainly use one too.

    1. It was. I'm not very coordinated or sporty but I really enjoyed doing that!

  3. Belated happy May Day. I do like your goals - good luck with them.

  4. Those symptoms could be part of menopouse, however I have a hard time getting my doctor to agree and she is a, just you wait....ahaha. I have been taking several vitamins a day since Covid. I haven't been sick with anything, so that is good.
    However, I still have some of the same symptoms I had before the vitamins. I'm still going to keep taking them. My lists get rather long and truthfully not much crossed off some days, but I still make them.

    1. You're probably right about the menopause. I have really had enough of it. I'm going to give them a try and see how I do. Fingers crossed lol


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