Wednesday, May 12, 2021

 Thanks for all the comments. It's been an okay week. I'm not sure what else to add to that. I'm plodding along as best as I can. Mum's been having up and down days. Just not sure how much longer sister can cope. I was hoping for better news on the travel front. I was hoping that at least with the vaccine there would be maybe less quaratine, but it's not to be, so I'm not sure what my next move will be. 

It's been very cold in the mornings the last few days. We've had frost warnings. Husband has been taking my plants into the garage. It is starting to warm up a little so hopefully that will be the last of it. I'm thinking about buying a couple of tomato plants but usually the deer just eat them so I am not sure if it's worth the bother lol. 

I have been up in the craft room a little bit. It's warmer up there and when I'm cold I go up there to warm up lol. At least I'm getting some things done, right? 

A few little fun cards


  1. You've just inspired me to get off my bum and go and make a batch of cards. I haven't felt like it in ages. x

  2. The cards are lovely! Hang in there, Sharon. (((HUGS)))

  3. Hi Sharon, I've commented before, I'm Jo, originally from Manchester but living in Wisconsin. I feel for you not being able to travel. I'm in the same boat. My Mum is 94 and she is declining in health and mentally. I just checked on travel to the UK and it is still the same. Like you I was hoping they would let up a bit if we had had the vaccine. I skyped with Mum and dad this morning and he said they have that variant from India in a few places now so that's not good.
    Fingers crossed that we can see our loved ones soon. Jo.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Jo. I'm hoping we can both see our loved ones soon. It really is tough. There we always lots of scenarios going through my head as mum got older but this wasn't one I'd ever thought of.


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