Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Been a While - Back from England

 Two weeks went by too quickly. 

This won't be a long post. I'm still a little jet-lagged and not feeling the greatest (hope I didn't pick up anything on the plane). 

I had a good time. I was a little apprehensive as this was the first visit since Mum died. I stayed with my middle sister. We got along really well and had some good times as well as tears. The weather was really fantastic. The trip home - mostly Heathrow - was a nightmare. 

I'll post more later. 

And, of course, here's a photo. A Walk Along the River. 

More tomorrow. 


  1. Welcome back, Sharon. Hope you didn't pick up anything and it is just jetlag that is making you feel less than great.

  2. Glad you got home safely. I'm looking forward to hearing all about your trip and seeing the photos you have taken

  3. Nice to read you're home and enjoyed your trip in spite of the chaos at Heathrow.. a few days to recover now and time to remember the best of your visit.


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