Saturday, July 2, 2022

Just a Saturday

 Thanks for all the comments about Jane's house - it is lovely to be done!

Ana and Bless, you are right, the flower is Chicory. I don't know why I thought otherwise. I remember looking it up the other year and talking to my friend about it recently. I can only claim to be distracted by other things! 

Today was a pretty lazy day. I did go for a walk this morning, by myself, just to the local park. It's the first Saturday of the month and for people who did A Year with my Camera that mean it's #1day12pics. I've been participating each month this year with a theme. As I am doing a yearly project at my local park I thought that today I'd concentrate on Little Things for my Big Project. Armed with my macro lens I went in search of flowers and bugs and the like. It was a little windy for macro photos, but I patiently waited in between windy bits to take my photos. 

I put twelve of them in a collage. 

I must admit that after that I did not have a productive day. I've been relaxing most of it. Tomorrow husband and I are going out for the morning. Early. He's then going out with son so I'll have a few hours by myself. I shall try to at least get something done. 

My phone photo for the day is just one of the calendar on wall turning over to another month. I can't believe it is already July! I can't believe I forgot to mention it yesterday either. 

Hope everyone has a good weekend! For those in the US hope you manage to get some sleep with all the fireworks going off!


  1. Nothing wrong with a bit of relaxing... It's good to unwind and de stress

  2. I can't believe it's July already either! Your collages are nice. The daisy looks like it has a face. Have a relaxing rest of the weekend.

  3. Glad for you that everything is done at Jane's house. Hope you get back into your own routine. Happy 4th to you too.

  4. Beautiful photos of the flowers and of the little critters, too! I love the calendar picture! :D Weekends are for relaxing, so take it easy! :)

  5. You take amazing pics. I mean, seriously, wonderfully, amazing pics. I'm glad you had a quiet day.


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