Sunday, July 31, 2022

The End of Another Month

 I can't believe it will be August tomorrow. It's usually a hot month here, but towards the end of the month the days are definitely shorter and the mornings cool. I can't wait. I am hoping that some of those cooler mornings get rid of the bugs. I did not miss that while I was in England. We went out for a walk this morning and, despite spraying myself, I got bit several times. Yuck. 

We did go for a walk this morning. Not a long way away or for long, but it was nice (apart from the bugs!). We took a little walk along the beach before the crowds started to come and then we went into the woods and along a nice path. It was warm and muggy though. I don't suppose that helped with the bugs either lol. 

Here's a couple of phone photos from our walk 

Up in the sand dunes. It is so much easier to walk here during the winter as the sand is harder!

Into the woods. Everything was so lush and green. It was also a little wet so I suppose that doesn't help with the bugs either. At least those pesky bitey flies seem to be (mostly) gone. 

This is my Things That Make Me Smile photo Day 212 

A woodpecker has been busy on this tree! These always make me smile. I imagine one day I shall catch a woodpecker coming out of one I just happen to glance at. 

So, what's the plan for August? I want to start sorting through some of the things I have to put up on Ebay and list some of them. We don't have any trips planned for August. We might go away for a Saturday night but it's nothing planned yet so listings can stay up. 

I want to at least get a book a day out the door. That means at least 30 books. 

I want to get up in my crafting room. I want to make a start on sorting and tidying so I enjoy being in the room. 

Back on the no-spending wagon. Finances have taken a little bit of a hit, so I need to bulk up savings. That also means back to better food planning again. I was doing really well especially since I was at Jane's 3 days a week so I didn't go to the shops. I need to try to still do that. 

Tidying and organising. I find it really difficult but I like having a non-cluttered house and it's definitely not looking that way right now. I don't know where to start and sometimes that makes me not start at all. I have to do something even if it's something little. I think having a more organised house will make me feel more creative and less anxious. 

What gets you motivated? Where do you start? Do you find organising and decluttering easy or hard? Any tips will be appreciated!

Well, that's it for now. More catch-up on the Photo-a-day

Day 195 (July 14th)

Sister and I took a trip to Colchester Castle. This was another of the places Mum always loved to go. It was always fun to see that the flower display was in the castle gardens for the year. Mum would have loved this one. It was for the Jubilee. 

Day 196 (July 15th)

A walk around Ipswich looking at some more owls and another of Mum's favourite places. I can't say how many lovely hours we spent at Christchurch Park. We would go into the Mansion (which is a museum) and then sit and have a read in the park. So many good memories and a favourite place of mine too. I miss this park. There is nothing quite like it where I am now. 

Day 197 (July 16th)

It was a beautiful day. Sister and I took a trip to Walton-on-the-Naze. We have been there lots of times before, as children and with Mum. It was sort of funny as we happened to bump into our other sister and her husband there too! We ended up going to a cafe with them. Anyway, usually when we're with Mum we stop walking at the cafe on the corner and turn around to go back. This day we decided to make some new memories and see what was beyond the cafe. There were gorgeous cliffs and a sandy beach! It was such a lovely surprise. Made us both smile. 

Day 198 (July 17th)

Another of Mum's favourites, the Abbey Gardens at Bury St. Edmunds. Another lovely day. We met up with niece and two of her three children. Niece's whole family was recovering from another bout with covid. She had recovered, as had her youngest son, the oldest hadn't got it. Unfortunately, her husband and middle son were still testing positive. We had a lovely day in the gardens. I love this place!

Day 199 (July 18th)

Today it was this picnic basket that made me smile. Sister had found it up in the attic at Mum's flat. It brought back memories. There weren't many pieces left but still lovely to see. 


  1. Glad you managed to go for a walk, today! And enjoyed seeing your phone pictures, especially the picnic basket!
    Yes, it's hard to believe that the month of July is almost over and August will start, tomorrow, isn't it? I like your plans for August. I, too, need to really get myself organized and get a few things done, next month. I like organizing, but, decluttering is hard! I usually start with some small project that will make a big impact - clearing off a horizontal surface, going through a stack of mail, etc. That and posting what I did on the blog! It keeps me accountable! Good luck with decluttering the 30 books.

    1. You do seem to do well at the list making and keeping things on track. I take inspiration from your blog. Hope I can make some progress this month!

  2. You really weren't too far from me at all, were you. You went to some lovely places. xx

    1. I'm from Ipswich. Funnily enough, Mum's flat was right by Sue's (Cottage at the End of the Lane) bungalow when she lived in Ipswich.

  3. You touched on a lot of places I know. I've an older cousin who lives in Walton-on-the-Naze. And my oldest son lived not too far from Bury St Edmund (a small village, Wyverstone) when he was stationed in UK. I visited often and BSE was always on the schedule. I also grew up in London and Essex (Finchingfield) and have continued regular visits as an adult (was there in March). Many of the places you mentioned are familiar to me. So glad you were able to spend time with your sister in places that meant so much to you both and to your mum.

    1. What a small world it is sometimes! It's lovely to go back. It was strange this year as it was the first year without Mum. I'm planning to stay a little longer next year - it just went by so quickly!

    2. In the small world department, I meant to comment back when you mentioned Jane taught in Ramstein because I lived there from 1961 (having moved straight from the UK) to mid 1964; was in junior high school then. Small world, indeed.


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