Monday, September 14, 2015

Another week...

It was rather chilly on Saturday but Sunday warmed up some so hubby and I decided to take a drive to one of the local state parks and take a walk around. It's the sort of thing we want to do and now that I don't have to work every Sunday we have the time.

It was still quite busy out. I was really surprised. We drove around some of the campsites as we plan on going camping there next summer. There were lots of people camping though some were sitting around fires even though it was midday. The plots didn't seem too bad. The other week went we went to Holland everyone was camping really close to one another. At Fort Custer there seemed at least to be an effort to give campers privacy - some plots more than others. We're thinking of trying a night or two there. Neither one of us has been camping for years lol.

The trail was rather nice. There are several in the park but we picked the one we could find. It is a trail for hikers/bikers. There were a few bikers around which was a little annoying as they raced along. Some were nice enough to call out or let us know if they were by themselves or another was following.

One sad thing we did see while we were out walking were the cans/bottles that were just tossed down. I don't understand how people can't just take them with them and throw them away in the bin. Sigh.

While we are out in the woods I have a 'thing' for tree fungus and mushrooms. I enjoy taking pictures of them. I think hubby thinks I'm a little weird lol.

It was a fun few hours out!

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