Friday, September 18, 2015

End of the week

I can't believe it's Friday all ready! I'm pretty sure hubby and oldest son thought the week dragged by. They are both working ten hour days. The pay is nice, but it makes for long days for both of them.

I finally took care of the rest of my zucchini (courgettes). It's the first year I've grown these - my first time planting a garden - and they grow like crazy! I have used some but grated the rest and froze it in cup sizes. I tried out a new recipe for Zucchini/Raisin muffins. The rest of the family don't care for raisins but I thought they were really good. They aren't much to look at but the taste was there.

I also made some Potato and Leek soup and froze it. I am hoping it will be a nice warming meal when the cold weather comes. I love soup in the winter!

It feels really good to make food from scratch. It's nice to know what you're actually eating and what you've put into the food.

I've put a few cookbooks on reserve at the library and am hoping to sort out some new recipes so we're not eating the same all the time. Middle son is looking to move out soon so it will be one less person to cook for. Oldest son is also looking for a place - or will be once overtime is done. He says he'll probably be working six days a week soon for a while as work is really picking up.  I need to sort out recipes hubby and I can eat when we're alone. Right now I do cook meat dishes, but won't be doing so much of that when the boys both leave as I'm vegetarian. Hubby likes vegetarian food so no worries there!

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