Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thursday already

The days just seem to fly by. I thought they would go slower when I was at home but I seem to run out of time each day. I am not waking up as early (thank goodness - I don't miss those 4am mornings!) and by the time I have gone for a walk and cleaned up it is 9.30 or so. This seems so late to me lol.

I ran errands today, stopped by the library to pick up some books and drop some (see below) off. I am trying to stay away from buying books (at least new ones) so am ordering some from the library.

I also stopped off at Aldi's. They had bags of onions on sale for 89 cents and mushrooms for .69 cents. Can't beat those prices! Wish they had some of their other stuff as cheap as the one in England by my mum. We got a cauliflower there for 50p or so. Can't find one close to that price here. I did give in and buy one for 2.79. Will use half and freeze half I think.

I am doing a lot better with cooking and buying food - at least it feels like I am lol. I sorted through the dry goods cupboards today and found lots of things didn't even know I had. I am going to try to use some of them up.

Out on my walk early this morning I was startled - I think we startled one another! - by a deer. I was walking by a garden daydreaming away when I saw something from the corner of my eye. I thought it was a large dog. Not. There were three deer grazing in the garden. I managed to almost catch them with my camera phone.

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