Monday, September 7, 2015

Day at the Beach

As it is a holiday weekend Hubby and I decided to take a drive to Holland, a town by the beach. There is a state park with a lighthouse. In our state you can buy a tag for your car that costs a little more than $10 and it gets you into any state park for the year. It's a really cheap way to go out and we are trying to use it as much as possible.

The state park we went to is one we had trouble finding before so I set the address on my phone gps (Sat Nav) to work out the route. Worked out not too bad until the final little bit. Lol. We did finally make it to the park! It was fairly early in the day so it wasn't really hot. There was a haziness to the sunshine and a slight breeze that kept the heat down. We went armed with a drink and at this beach there is actually a little cafe where we purchased a (reasonably priced) soft pretzel with cheese. We really need to do better with packing sandwiches and such. It seems like such an English thing to do and sometimes I forget to do it while I'm in the states. You don't often see people taking picnics with them to places, but it certainly cuts down on the cost.

Some of my favourite times when I was a kid was going to the seaside with my Mum and family. She always used to get one of those styrofoam cups of tea and would give the empty cup to me to play with. I would spend hours playing with sand and water. Apparently I was a really easy child to amuse. I think it certainly helped growing up near the coast. Even though Hubby grew up close to the lakeshore he and his family didn't spend a lot of time at the beach just hanging out and relaxing and he finds it difficult to do - yikes! He burns really easily too which doesn't help.

We had a nice time walking along the beach and the causeway that leads to one of the (I don't know exactly what the correct name is) tower things that lead the way into the harbour. Nice views too.

I like seeing the waves despite it is actually a lake and not the sea. I can dream, right? One of my favourite sounds when I am home is listening to the waves crashing on the shore. Mum laughs at me when I sit on a bench, close my eyes and just listen. 

See the seagulls? I didn't want to go any further. Hubby laughed at me. I told him that it's been years since he went back to England and seagulls can be vicious!!!

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