Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday mutterings...

Well, I've been doing better on my 'new' dinners. Out of three 'new' things I have made this week they liked two of them. One they said was just 'blah' not tasting of a lot of anything. Oh well, live and learn. I did finally go grocery shopping. I picked up things that were on sale and a couple things I have never cooked before. Okay, no laughing but I picked up fresh spinach and leeks. I have not cooked from fresh with either of these. I want to make Leek and Potato soup - that one is for me. Not sure what I'm doing to do with the spinach but I have a couple of pasta dishes that could use it. We'll see. I have a couple of new recipes to try this week.

Today Hubby and boys will have a treat and have steaks. They don't have them too often and when I was away they saved quite a bit of money eating out of the freezer and not buying a lot so it's a treat for them.

They really liked the above Chicken Barbeque Wraps. I used the chicken I had leftover from making the chicken stuffed shells so they were a tasty new dish and a way to use leftovers! I definitely want to cut down on our food waste not just because it's horrible to throw away food but also so I'm not wasting money! We have less of it now lol.

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