Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Long Day...

Well Daughter left today.

We were up at five o'clock this morning and were on our way over to Detroit at six thirty this morning. Daughter finally got to Washington D.C tonight at about seven so ultra long day for her. She is there now to begin her new adventure! I am so proud (and a little jealous lol). She has been talking about going since she started at MSU four years ago.

Tomorrow I begin my own - not very big - new life lol. Things will finally settle down. We'll see whether I miss work, if I get bored and if I can't find things to fill my days. It's the first time since leaving work almost nine weeks ago that I haven't been off doing something or having someone visit. I have lots of things planned but we'll see how they go. It will be interesting.

Below are a few more pictures of our Renaissance Faire trip

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