Saturday, June 11, 2016

Finished Cross Stitch!

It is finished. Phew. This was a large stitch 25cm x 35cm (9.8" x 13.8"). I think the worst part of it was all that grey and then all the backstitching that went over the grey. I must have spent more time unpicking it than I did stitching it! The piece is counted cross stitch, starting off with blank white fabric no background printed. Stitching it helped keep me awake in the evening while (sort of) watching tv.

Now on to the next piece. I am stitching the next one for my Mum. I am hoping to have it finished in time for when I visit in late July. It's not as large so I should get it done.

This is a Belle & Boo design from a Cross Stitcher magazine. It's a really cute design and I think my Mum will like it. I'll be posting updates on Wednesdays. Updates help keep me on track!

Enjoy the weekend! It's supposed to be quite hot today. It's only half past ten in the morning and it's already 28C. It's supposed to get up to 33C so air conditioning is already on!


  1. What a lot of patience you have. I love the one you will be doing for your mum

  2. Both nice but really like the one for your mum.

    It is 91F where I live (not far from St. Louis) and our air conditioning is singing along as well. The high in Ipswich today was supposed to be 72F and currently is 64F - expect you are looking forward to seeing your mum and cooler weather.


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