Sunday, June 19, 2016

Scenic Sunday

It was a beautiful day today, hot and sunny. It was also Father's Day. It's a strange sort of day for me. My husband is a father to our three kids so a good day to celebrate. Husband still has his dad around. I don't post a lot of personal business, but I'll just say this -  my dad isn't around. I haven't seen him since he walked out on us (Mum, me & three siblings) when I was eleven. I was the youngest of us. I was very lucky to have Mum around and what a great job she did too!

Because it was Father's Day and the weather was nice hubby and I decided to take a trip to another lighthouse on our list. This was was White River Light Station in Whitehall, Michigan. It's about 113 miles away so quite a trip.

It was quite a surprise. There was a walkway down from the car park and we followed along expecting a little walk along a concrete walkway. We found something far different.

There was a beautiful, secluded beach. The sand was just gorgeous and the watering sparkling blue.

We couldn't believe our luck finding this beautiful place. There were only two other couples there! The rest of the beach was deserted.

We ended up walking along the walkway. The views were lovely.

We took the scenic route home and ended up driving along the lakeshore back down to a familiar lighthouse - Muskegon. We've been there before in April Muskegon Lights. This time we ended up on the other side of the lighthouses to get another view.

 Great day out!


  1. Lovely blue pictures, grey and wet here today

  2. Wow, Sharon, what a find! What a beautiful spot :-) xx

  3. Lovely to see how you spent fathers day, a beautiful place!! I enjoyed seeing your trip to the farmers market too!


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