Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Love is....

...going to a garage sale for your Mum because you know she loves crafts and can't go because she lives too far away.

A few weeks ago my daughter saw a garage sale listing on Craigslist in her area (about 75m from me) that she knew I'd love. She went to it and bought me a whole bunch of stuff that she knew I'd like. They had a LOT of English card making magazines for 50cents each. When she came down on Saturday she brought it with her.

Love my girl!


  1. What a lovely daughter and what fun you will have sorting through that lot!

    1. I was drooling when I saw it all! It's really difficult to find those mags over here and when you do they are very expensive. I usually end up finding a few in charity shops when I come home and then end up with a heavy suitcase coming back!


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