Monday, June 13, 2016

Gardening - again

Forewarned. I am not a good gardener. I am new to this. I would like to be able to grow more of our food but I'm really not that good at it. It doesn't help that last year (1st year planting veggies) I was not here for seven weeks. It will be the same thing again this year. So instead of full out veggie garden I am sort of experimenting to see what will grow and what we will eat so when I am home for a whole summer I'll know what will do well.

I'm a little late to the game this year. Procrastinating. Yes, that's a fault of mine. Hubby and I went along to the garden centre this weekend and got a start. I decided not to do potatoes or onions this year. They both take up quite a bit of space and I wanted to plant other things.

I did get a rhubarb plant. I used to have one in the garden but I'm not quite sure what happened to it. I think the kids mowed over it one too many times! I also got a pumpkin plant. Just a regular one not one to make pies. Not very practical but I love the way they grow. Until I went to the Pumpkin Patch with my kids here in America I didn't know they grew as they did and look exactly like the ones on Cinderella's coach. I didn't realise tumbleweeds actually blew across the road either - but that's a different story. I'm trying tomato plants - last year some disease overtook them and they died while I was gone. I planted them in a different spot this time. I did peppers too - green, jalapeƱo and banana peppers (the last was hubby's choice). I do use quite a lot in cooking so we shall see. I have space left so will see what else I can find.

It actually looks quite sad right now and very dry. This was right after planting. I have watered since! We could use some rain (gasp, horror!) as it's been quite hot and dry the last few days. I'll add pictures as I plant more and they (hopefully) grow. I was courgettes (zucchini) but haven't managed to find any. I would like lettuce but I have to figure out another way to grow it as last year bunnies or deer ate all of it (including the roots!)

There are some things growing in my garden.


As you can see they are pretty hardy things and don't take a lot to grow!


  1. this reminds me that I really need to get a move on in the garden or i'll miss it completely this year.....again lol

  2. Keep going!! Remember, they are just plants. You will soon find what grows well in your garden, soil, sun etc. As you find out what grows well, just grow more of that. Also look in neighbours gardens and see what they are growing. If it grows there it will probably grow for you too. Water and feed too! Most of all enjoy it. Just have fun and don't stress!!!


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