Monday, October 31, 2016

Adventures in Knitting Pt. 2

I'm still happily knitting along. Well, sort of. I decided to tackle making a scarf using all knit stitches. Fairly simple, right? It should be.

I started off with a ball of Lion Brand Scarfie Yarn. This is supposed to knit a whole scarf in one ball. Perfect for me, I thought. I don't know how to add more yarn so it would be great.

It isn't too costly. I paid about $8 a ball. No problem. I started knitting. I didn't realise that the ball of yarn was loosely wound together...until it was too late and the whole thing was knotted. No hope of getting it untangled. I cut it, sorted it out and sought out Youtube for a video to tell me how to add more yarn.

Who knew there were so many different 'perfect' methods? I tried one, then another, stitched along a couple of inches (that took a while - remember I'm a beginner!), hated how it looked and undid it beyond where I put it together. I undid it past that too. Then I put all the stitches on the needle the wrong way. Arrgggg!!!!

I ended up using this method to put the two ends together Joining Yarn . It's great! The video is really easy to follow and the resulting join looks great. 

The colour of the yarn I chose is a purpley-grey color. I really like it. Barring any more complications maybe I'll be done by Christmas!


  1. That colour looks great and the stitches look really even. I have been knitting for years and have never seen that join - I'm going to be using it in future! Thank you for sharing it! x

  2. Keep going! I hope you enjoy the rest of it and the finished scarf.


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