Monday, October 10, 2016

Adventures in Knitting

I've talked about it for a while - learning how to knit - but I thought I would put it on my list of things to learn in the new year. The other day I got the sudden urge to try. Some of it was internet browsing/shopping - usually a bad thing as I end up spending money. I had a learn-to-knit book/kit thing in my shopping cart when I remembered that I had everything needed except some wool to practise with. Next time we were out doing the weekly shop I picked up a ball for .79 cents. Can't go wrong when it's that cheap!

I've done some knitting and purling. Got that part worked out! Next step I thought I'd take a look at some free beginner patterns. Ack! They look like they are written in a foreign language. There are yarn overs, decreases, Garter Stitches, Stockinette Stitch, Right sides, Wrong sides, Gauge - it's never ending. I ended up ordering a book. Hopefully it will help!


  1. I love your stripy blue knitting, Sharon! Well done learning to knit. My mum taught me when I was little, and my grandmother taught me to crochet. Knitting is really fun! I only work in stocking stitch but use as many colours as possible. Check out the Kaffe Fassett exhibition link on my blog and you can see where I get my inspiration from!! Haven't done any for a while but I expect I shall get the bug again soon.

    Thanks for your visit and your lovely compliment! So glad you like my latest Zentangle adventure. I can see myself getting addicted to Zengems. They are fabulous fun to do.

    Have a great week,

  2. Hi Sharon
    Just dropped by to say thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments.
    I love the colours of your knitting and I think you are very clever to be able to do it. I couldn't knit to save my life-x-


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