Sunday, October 16, 2016

Rainy Sunday

No walk today. It's raining pretty relentlessly but that's not the reason. We just got back last night from a mini-trip so we're taking a day to relax. For the past three days we've been up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, enjoying the Autumn colours and seeing some more sights. We really love going up there. There is so much to see and it is really beautiful.

We drove 984 miles on this trip. We were gone for three days. Can't believe there was that much driving. We saw new things and old things. There was really stunning colour in some places. I have lots of pictures to share but will probably show them over a few posts.

We stayed up in Mackinaw City at a locally owned hotel called The Lighthouse View hotel. It was quite a nice little place, basic but clean which is exactly how we like it! It was only a stone's throw away from the lighthouse and the bridge.

And the Mighty Mac Bridge - Mackinac Bridge.  It's quite a drive across! Lovely views. It is apparently 5 miles across.

We had a really beautiful sunset that first night.

Lovely sight to end the night. Tomorrow I'll show some pictures of our trip up to the Tahquamenon Falls. Lovely waterfalls looking even more lovely in Autumn!


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    1. They were really beautiful! We found a spot the other side of the bridge the next night and managed to see a glorious sunset. I have pictures for another post.

  2. Gorgeous sunset photos. I'm sure it was even lovelier in person. We were up there and in the U.P. at the end of August. My first time in the u.p., and I loved it.

    1. We love it up there. So much to see and do! We're already planning our next trip but it won't be until after the winter.


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