Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sunday Walk

It was nice and snugly in my bed this morning, but there was certainly a nip in the air when I went out into the living room. This has to be the coldest morning of Autumn so far. I was tempted to put on the little heater today, but I abstained from doing so instead wrapping up warmly.

Despite the cold temp hubby and I decided to talk a walk. Far better than sitting on my behinds all day. There is a nature preserve not too far from us (about ten minute drive) so we decided to go there. They have lovely trails. You do have to share with people on bikes but it is worth the dodging. No, it's not really that bad. Most of the people on bikes do let you know when they are coming up behind you. It wasn't that busy as it was still early when we went.

We could see plenty of places where deer have been bedding down. Hunting isn't allowed on the preserve so it's probably a good place to hide!

We're beginning to see the first signs of Autumn. The colours are slowly changing.

A few leaves here and there.

In a couple of weeks I bet this place will look really beautiful. Looking at it you wouldn't believe that it is just 6 miles away from the city!

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