Tuesday, November 29, 2016


I learned to cook when I was in school. This was back in the days of Home Economics when you basically learned to cook for your husband. Don't know if anyone remembers the little book you learned from but I remember mine - you learned about the different types of meals men who worked different jobs would need. I didn't mind the lessons though I probably would have liked them more if the teacher I had would have remembered my name. She had taught my older sister (who is ten years older than me) and I always got called by my sister's name.

For a while I lost the enjoyment of cooking. I liked baking - cakes, brownies and cookies, yum. Real food, dinner food,  was basically a way of feeding our family of five on not a lot of money while trying to include the food groups. When I started working full time that added another component to the mix. I'm not superwoman and I wasn't good at juggling everything.

Now that I've taken a breather from work and there aren't so many of us in the house I am rediscovering my enjoyment of cooking meals. I have been cooking from scratch. I don't like fussy things with lots of ingredients that I'll never use again but I do like cooking simple food and trying out new recipes.

This was tonight's dinner. Middle son came up to eat and requested them. Sausage Lasagna Roll-Ups. I did beef because I had it leftover. For mine I left out the meat. These are so yummy. I used to buy prepared lasagne and it always seem to upset my stomach. I don't eat meat and a lot of the prepared foods over here in the US contain meat products even if it isn't a meat-based dish. Cooking my own food means I know what goes into it. My stomach certainly appreciates the extra effort!


  1. Yum! Looks delicious! I have half a box of lasagna noodles; I should make some roll ups like that. I, too, was taught to cook in school. The first thing I learned to make was an omelette!

  2. We were taught Home Ec in a similar way, what would be good for your baby and your children to eat and so on, when we were still children ourselves! Plus how to lay the table with tablecloth and a whole array of cutlery. Bet they don't do that now!

  3. Ours was called Domestic Science! The teacher was mad and I mean totally weird mad.Didn't learn much, but enjoyed taking all the ingredients into class in a basket covered with clean tea towel!
    Your meal looks yum

  4. I am slightly envious of your cookery course. Mine school was an epic fail but you seem to have at least got the basics. And those lasagne rolls look so toothsome! Were they as easy as the recipe sounds? x

    1. They are really easy. The good thing is that you can make them in advance and just leave the cooking bit until you're ready for them. Also they freeze and reheat well.


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