Saturday, November 26, 2016

One Holiday Down....

Thanksgiving is over. The turkey was stuffed and so are we! The fridge is filled with leftovers. My dear MIL always says she is cutting down but the food is...well, there is a LOT of it! I don't eat meat so she made me my own stuffing (packaged stuffing in America tends to have Chicken fat in it no matter what flavour it is!) and a mushroom pie. I really do appreciate it but could do without the pie as it is a lot of work for her and as I'm the only one that eats it, a lot of pie for me. She made five dessert pies by hand. There are only nine of us that came for dinner. Yup a lot of food.

The food didn't all fit on the table. There is more on the kitchen counter. My middle son had to work - no rest at the newspaper and daughter had to work from 5am to 1.30pm for all those crazy 'Black Friday' (even though it was Thursday) sales. It takes about an hour and a quarter to drive from hers to Grandma's so it was a late dinner. Nice, but late.

Now that Thanksgiving is over the Christmas shopping season in the US begins with frenzy. Dear daughter had to work early again Friday so I went back with her Thursday to dog sit. I just got back home. She works for a large supermarket chain (shop has food, toys, clothes etc) in loss prevention. Somebody did try to 'accidentally' walk out with two television sets they hadn't paid for but that was about it.

This is how I left daughter and dog. Daughter catching up on sleep, enjoying the rest of her day off before her last week of work and a lot of packing ahead!


  1. No idea why yours and Welsh Dreams blogs don't update on my blog, I've tried reloading them but they just stay stubbornly at the bottom of the list, I do read them though

  2. Five dessert pies for nine people - yes, I'd say the ratio was about right! :D

    Glad your daughter was able to catch up on her sleep! Her dog is beautiful!

  3. "MIL always says she is cutting down but the food is...well, there is a LOT of it" - LOL! How kind, lovely and thoughtful she is to cook special dishes for you. When my MIL was alive once she found out I liked something she would make it, even if I was the only one eating it! As a farm woman I don't think she actually knew how to cook small amounts. I miss her.

  4. Wow! That really is a great spread of food. Sweet of your MIL to make special dishes for you.

  5. What a wonderful spread of food, Sharon! So glad you had a good Thanksgiving - I wouldn't complain at that level of pie provision lol lol! Your MIL sounds so lovely! It all sounds quite delicious. Lovely pic of the dog with your daughter too - sleepy-heads! Like the pic I posted of my hubby with Phoebe last week.

    Thanks for visiting and leaving such a nice comment - so glad you enjoyed your virtual visit to the beautiful church. I was completely stunned when I walked in and saw how incredible it was! Amazing what you can find so close to your own doorstep if you explore a bit.

    Have a great week.

  6. Gosh lots of food, but sounds like it's all made with lots of love. Your poor daughter must be exhausted, sweet photo of them both xx

  7. Your daughter must be exhausted. It's good that the dog is keeping her company in a nap.

    Your MIL sounds like the sort of background I come from. If people can move quickly within half an hour of eating then it's a fail. It's not the number of pies, it's the love in them.

    Also, very envious of an amazing spread. x


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