Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sunday Walk

Beautiful Autumn day here in Michigan. The day started off chilly but it warmed up quite nicely. Well, as nicely as it does for a November day. The sun was shining brightly and the sky really blue. Truly beautiful.

Today's walk was in Fred Russ Forest Park. It was our first time visiting this park. My friend recommended we go there as the walk is nice. It looked quite busy from the car park - filled not only with cars but with horse trailers too. Apparently it's a popular horse trail too. Once we started walking though we didn't see many people, just a few walking and a few more on horses. It was very peaceful.

I think we made more noise than anything. The leaves were plentiful on the ground, quite thick and our feet made quite the noise as we walked through. We scared a deer. We saw the back end of it loping through the woods.

It was quite muddy too! Glad my friend warned me to wear my boots.

Lots of fungus and fallen trees around, most covered with leaves.

A river to cross.

And all under a beautiful blue sky. I don't think there will be many more days like this!


  1. Glad you took advantage of another beautiful day. We have to do that a lot here in the Pacific Northwest. Go while the going is good. Of course Michigan gets more severe winters than we ever get here in the Seattle area...

    1. Yes, making the most of it while it's good. Once winter hits I can't see us going far and walking is pretty much impossible.

  2. Autumn forest IS beautiful! Wishing you a good week!

  3. What a lovely walk! Reminds me of the years I spent in Wisconsin. I miss those crisp Autumn days and the leaves changing color.

    1. It is beautiful. We're making the most of the weather while we can.


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