Saturday, November 5, 2016

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

Yes, it's November the Fifth. My mum would say it's very annoying as people don't know when to stop letting off the fireworks. I don't have that problem over here in the states as few people actually know about November 5th. It is also our anniversary. We have been married 28 years - an eternity nowadays when people don't see to be together that long. I think we're both too stubborn to quit! Despite saying we weren't going to get one another anything hubby (who knows me SO well) got me an Amazon GC. I don't have any money in my account for books so it is perfect. I'm not a flowers kind of person as he well knows.

I actually got to go out on my own for a bit this morning! Son and hubby went out together - a hunting shop I really didn't want to go to - and left son's car at home so I took it out. I went all the places I don't usually go.

One of my stops was at the local health food store. I needed more yeast and it is SO much cheaper there than at a regular store. $2.34 for the whole bag! I picked up dried parsley while I was there - I think it was about 25 cents. I buy all my herbs and spices there as they sell in bulk and are so much cheaper.

The rest of my day will be reading, Skyping Mum and relaxing. Hope everyone enjoys their Saturday!


  1. Happy Anniversary and glad you liked what hubby got you!

    Yes no one where I live as ever heard of Guy Fawkes Day and they also have never heard of Boxing Day.

    "I needed more yeast" Do you make your own bread?

    Hope you enjoyed chatting to your mum today.


    1. Mostly my breadmaker makes the bread. I like using it for the dough cycle and then shape the bread. I have made it by hand in the past, but not lately.

      I usually have to explain Boxing Day every year too!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like your husband knew exactly what to get you. That is a very good price on the yeast! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.


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