Monday, February 11, 2019

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

I seem to be jumping around on thoughts today. I managed to get out for a walk. Ice and snow are called for again tomorrow (we're under a Winter Weather Advisory) so I thought I'd get out walk and run some errands while I could. If I'm in tomorrow I can get more things done around here.

We had a somewhat enjoyable weekend. Yesterday we took a trip further up the lakeshore to see what Lake Michigan looked like. It was extremely icy. The beach was covered in ice as were both the walkways to two lighthouses we went to. I did not attempt either one. We walked a little way out on the ice but it was very bumpy with large balls and ice rocks so I stopped while I was ahead. I couldn't believe how crazy people were. One beach we went to a woman had her children up on top of an ice formation and one of them was sitting with his feet dangling in one of the large cracks while the other was lying on his stomach looking down the crack!!!! I couldn't believe someone would let their children do this! They were going to slide off the ice face down onto the iced over lake but the woman put a stop to that. It was about a 12 foot (3.65m) drop.

It was one of the big cracks that you can see.

We were quite a way away. It was a long walk/climb out to that formation which would have involved walking over lots and lots of ice.

I've been thinking more about cleaning/sorting. Has anyone done the Marie Kondo thing? I hope that's her name. I see that she does a show on Netflix, but I haven't watched it. Has it worked for anyone? I'm afraid that the 'sparking joy' would leave me getting rid of none of the books in my house!

Another thought running around in my head - has anyone tips about blocking knitting items? I have a couple of long cowls that (ends haven't been joined yet) are all curly at the edges and I thought that I should probably block them before joining the ends, but don't have any experience doing it. What do I need? I see there are some fancy blocks on Amazon but so far I've resisted. Any advise would be appreciated.

Still doing well on the spending. I was tempted to take a little trip to the craft shops and the book shop while out today, but I resisted! I thought about all the things in my craft room that still need to be used and thought I'd avoid temptation. I was 'good' last week too - instead of buying the series of books I wanted (two of which had 'fallen' into my online Amazon shopping trolley) I went to the library and borrowed them. I know this doesn't help the whole getting-rid-of-the-books-in-the-house thing, but I didn't add any more (at least not permanently).

Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend!


  1. Hi, Sharon. You certainly do get some cold weather - just looking at those photos makes me feel cold!
    I'm afraid I just block by pinning the item to my ironing board cover which is probably all wrong but it works. If the item is too big, I do a bit at a time. I think my blocking standards are probably a bit low, mind you.
    Well done on resisting temptation! I'm very impressed.

  2. I can't help you with the blocking question ... I can't knit so it's not something I've ever had to do!

    I've never read any of the Marie Kondo books but have heard of her through other blogs and newspaper reports. Reviews seem to be varied but the general opinion seems to be that there are aspects of her approach which work (for some people) but it is a very extreme regime. I doubt I could do it as I enjoy the right sort of clutter (for want of a better word) around me.

  3. Nope, what are those mamas thinking? The world has gone crazy with all the pictues and selfies - without thinking of safety! I've heard of that lady on Netflix too. I've seen the folding tips, etc. I tried watching 1 episode, but truthfully, it was a young couple complaining about toys should be able to play with toys...let it be a mess they are only little once! Then, they were complaining about their "hoarded mess" - are you kidding me I have more junk than that in my entryway! If you want to watch a show that cleans up a mess...I volunteer! wink, wink...

  4. I block my crochet work by pinning it to the ironing board and spraying lightly with a little water. If it is a larger piece I use the spare bed but put a bath sheet underneath it first. Hope that helps.

  5. I can't imagine a parent letting the children climb up there or allow them to go anywhere near that crack! What if they slipped and fell inside?

    I rarely block anything I knit. But, if I do want to block, I pin the item, dampen it with water, and press with a warm iron. Then, remove the pins.


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