Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Non-Productive Day/February Goals

Today I was more sore than I was yesterday. I think everything stiffened up and I could barely move when I got out of bed. I forfeited my walk today - it was drizzly out and there were still icy spots. I couldn't stand the thought that I might slip again so I thought it was better just not to do a walk. I'm hoping things improve by the weekend so we can get out.

Needless to say, I didn't get a lot done. I took another bath which helped for a tiny bit and then ended up gingerly sitting in the chair. I'm okay if I don't move, but I can't see that happening for long. On the plus side I got plenty of reading done and some photos sorted. I did manage the unpacking and some washing. I'm thinking anything household like can just wait - it won't be going anywhere.

I looked at my January list. I was quite pleased with what I did manage to get done. I got all the sorting jobs done and wiped down all the walls in the kitchen (do have to redo some of the ceiling). Money-wise I did pretty well. I hit the goals I had for saving. For spending I hit my targets for both non-book spending and non-craft spending (I had allowed myself minimal amounts). I think I did good on the grocery budget but I wasn't as good at tracking amounts as I had hoped. I know I was more conscious of everything I was buying and I really thought about things. There were even times when I picked up things (especially leisure/hobby things) that I consequently thought about and put back. I was quite pleased with myself as before I would have just bought them.

February - my big cleaning project for this month is the freezers. We have one above the fridge and another chest freezer. I want them both sorted and things used and - if things are bad thrown away - condensed down into the one freezer above the fridge. This is going to be a big project and it's going to take some letting go on my part. It sounds crazy but I feel really guilty about having to throw some food away BUT I know that it will be a new beginning and a chance to start fresh. It's just getting past that horrible feeling of wasting things and throwing away money.

Financially - I want to continue to put money into the two holiday funds. I also want to put extra back as I know we have some big purchases coming up soon - I have a feeling both the washer and the de-humidifier are going to need replacing. I am planning on still consciously thinking about what I am spending and to limit myself for both books and craft items.

Other goals - I want to sort through some items to list on Ebay and I have some things sorted already but didn't list as I knew I would be going to daughters to visit. I have a pile of books I am planning on reading this month - sorted from my stash. I'll probably post a pic in the next couple of days. I'm keeping on track working on some of my photo projects and will hopefully do so this month.

I think that's it for now! Photo for today - lovely Koda, one of the huskies that lives with daughter and her boyfriend. She's such a sweetheart. She absolutely loves the snow!


  1. Hope you feel better soon. Well done you for rethinking about purchasing and putting some things back, a great achievement.

  2. You did well with your January goals. Hope you do equally well with February's goals, too. Koda looks like she's got a big smile on her face!

    Maybe you can get what is known as a doughnut pillow to sit on - most pharmacies have them. That is what my mother's doctor recommended one time, when she fell and hurt her tail bone. It makes it easier to sit.

    1. I thought about the doughnut thing but looked and couldn't find one when I was out. I should probably look somewhere different. It was something I was looking at for my craft room chair as it bothered me even before I slipped.

  3. Great minds think alike Bless....that's just what I was going to suggest. I have a similar thing on my computer chair and it really does help.

    Good on you for achieving some of your goals for January and I hope February goes just as well.

    Gorgeous dog and I just love the name Koda.

    1. Thanks! I think of Koda as the princess of the bunch. She comes across that way lol

  4. I do hope the soreness goes away soon. Always feels good to reach goals. Take care!

  5. That dog is beautiful! Feel better soon!

  6. I'm glad you were successful in completeing items on your January list. I did a few of mine, but decided not to write them in my book when you don't to looks bad....I hate to say, but I'm going to glue something over the Janurary goals...I know....but, I failed at them....sad face....


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