Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Icy Tuesday and more Random

When I woke up this morning there was ice everywhere. My car has quite a thick layer of ice covering it. Hubby texted me saying that the roads were pretty bad and the local schools were closed. Needless to say I did not go anywhere either. I did go up to my craft room for a little while - not long, couldn't sit in the chair for long. I think I'm going to order one of those cushions for tail-bone issues. I think this is going to take longer to heal than I first thought. The pain is a lot more manageable but it still hurts. I did make some muffins - only from a mix I had in the cupboard, but I'm determined to use up things I have on hand and baking them made the house smell lovely.

I worked on getting taxes done. Yuck. Not a favourite thing to do, but necessary. My middle son was going to bring his for me to do today, but because of the weather he's staying home. It's about a 40 minute drive from him to me so I'm glad he stayed put. I worry when any of them drive in lousy weather. I know they grew up driving here, but I still worry (suppose it's a Mum thing!).

Thanks for the tips on blocking. I might try it on my ironing board. I could do it in bits. If it doesn't work I can think about other methods, but as I'm trying to save some money I'll try it the free way first!

The birds in the garden seem really hungry today. It's probably the weather. I hope it's not a clue of what's to come! I've had to put extra food out twice today. There were so many starlings (greedy things!) along with the usual mix of sparrows, blue jays, cardinals, wrens, mourning doves and squirrels. The sparrows seem to like out front more. I think it's because things are a little calmer out there. They hide out in the bushes - I think they might live there!

I'm hoping the weather will be better tomorrow. This is the time when winter seems to drag on! Hope everyone had a lovely Tuesday. If you've got sunshine please try blowing a little bit this way - I could certainly use it!


  1. I'll swap you a bit of our sunshine for a bit of your snow :)
    Even with the sun though it's still absolutely freezing cold and we are having frosts at night.
    I just want a good snowy downfall to make everywhere look clean and bright even if it's just for a day.

  2. No snow here but not a lot of sunshine either. I am not a fan of ice and like you worry when the girls are driving.

  3. Without wanting to worry, mine took about six months or so to totally go although it wasn't ouchy-painful all that time, just 'there'. A cushion helped very much. People laughed but I didn't care - I suppose it was a bit funny for everyone else. :-)
    Best not to risk another fall though.

  4. That photo of the little bird hiding in the bushes under all that snow is really lovely!

    As soon as we get some sunshine here (today was very cloudy and overcast; tomorrow is supposed to be rainy), I will send some your way. :)

  5. I worry about mine driving as well! I was happy when my youngest's boss told her she could work from her home yesterday. We received 15 1/2" here. She lives about 2 hours south, but they received the same. She drives over an hour one way to work. They just moved and she has an interview today....(praying) a job in their new little town. One of those donut seats would be good to take the pressure off your tailbone.

  6. I worry about my whole family driving in this weather every day!!! I will be so happy when summer is back!!!

  7. I've just finished my taxes so I feel for you. At least I got a nice tax refund this time so the effort was worthwhile!

    I don't like driving in the little bit of snow we have in this country so the thought of driving in your area absolutely terrifies me. I think staying indoors is the most sensible thing to do. I hope your back improves soon and you can be pain free again.


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