Wednesday, February 27, 2019

It's Official...I've had enough of Winter

I must admit this is a little of a moan post. Well, perhaps quite a lot of moan.

I am officially tired of winter. I'm tired of being cold. I'm tired of snow and ice. I'm tired of having to bundle up before stepping out of the door. I'm tired of having to warm up the car before going anywhere. I'm tired of feeling like half the day is over before it's light.

So, that's the moan. I hear they are having lovely weather where Mum is. How glorious! I have really enjoyed seeing the lovely Spring photos on Instagram and in my Facebook Camera Club. They cheer me up no end in these seemingly long winter days.

We got our heat back after about 18 hours. That was long enough. Brrr… It sounded like they were really surprised we still had separate wires going into the house. They restrung the broken one and wound them into one wire, so next time if something comes down we'll lose all power to the house. On the plus side because it's one wire it is thicker and less likely to come down. Being without heat made me think of that post I did the other day - the one about spending the winter somewhere isolated. It would have to include a lovely fireplace or wood burning stove with lots of wood prepared.

It's been a kind of blah! week so far. I did go out yesterday, walked a little while, but it was really cold and everywhere was quite icy. I was really glad of those ice things I bought to put on my shoes. They saved me from slipping. I'm not sure if I'll go out walking today. I might stay in. It's cloudy and snow might/might not be in the forecast, it's -6c (22f) and the warmest it's supposed to get today is -1 c (31F) so I might just stay in and get some things done around here. I would like to get out and take photos, but there really isn't anything that catches my attention at this moment. It's a case of the winter blues I think. It's colder where daughter lives but - as I told her - at least they get sunshine. I think that's what gets me down sometimes.

On the plus side - I was looking at photos from March last year and came across these - the first flowers I saw growing. It was March 18th! So maybe the end is in sight....


  1. I'd be fed up of all that snow and ice by now as well. We have had some glorious weather over the past few days and the blossom is out on many of the trees ... it just doesn't seem right for February.

  2. It has to end soon - spring is cvertain, it's just a question of when. It's still lovely here but the fine weather is due to break tomorrow, sadly.

  3. I am so with you on the winter blues! This is beginning to get really taxing! UGH! I agree that we just need to hand on a few more weeks; spring is right around the corner. Hang in there! Hugs

  4. If its any consolation the temperatures in the Uk are set to drop again at the weekend. Spring is on the way...

  5. Sharon, you are just living in the wrong part of the U.S. for someone who doesn't like long winters! I remember when I lived in Wisconsin, they used to say that they had two seasons - winter and July! LOL. Hang in there - it will soon be spring. :)

  6. I heard that too, but I hear it is turning to rain. I am ready for spring, but it can't be far because we are almost into March.

  7. We are back to cold and damp today and I have the heating on.
    Hang in there and Spring will arrive before you know it.

  8. Me too with all of it! My Mother-in-law predicts we won't get to plant a garden until mid-June...let's hope she is wrong! It's awful tho...


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