Monday, March 11, 2019

Beautiful Sunset

We did make it to the lake for a Sunset on Friday. I persuaded hubby with sausage rolls and a salad so he'd drive me there. It was so beautiful and so worth the drive. There were a few people around and one commented what a beautiful sunset it was and unusual. There were some low clouds, but the sun was full and bright. It was truly magical. We hung around long after everyone else had left. There was still quite a bit of ice around, but I think this is the last of it. We are due for a warm up (finally!) this week.

The final one is one I took standing really close to the lighthouse. It was pretty dark and I couldn't move much due to the overwhelming ice! It was a little bit of a challenge to get back in the dark. You can see in the photo how slick the ice looked.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.


  1. Hope it warms up for you over there. We've had freezing cold strong wind today - better than rain I guess

  2. Those are incredible! You should enter them in a contest or even at your county fair!

  3. How your warm up comes quickly! I love your lake!!! South Haven is such a beautiful place! If seems like yesterday I was watching fisherman catch salmon off that walkway! Annster's Domain

  4. I'm glad you were able to go catch your sunset, Sharon! Those are some lovely photos! Yum! Sausage rolls!

  5. Thank goodness there's a warm up coming. It really has been long and hard.
    What a beautiful sunset and I agree with a comment above - you really do take incredible photos.
    It's been cold and windy here and the forecast for today isn't great but nothing like your experiences.

  6. Wow, wonderful photos. I love the last one. xx

  7. Such beautiful photos, a joy to visit.


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