Saturday, March 2, 2019


I woke up this morning to gently falling snow and grey skies again. Sigh. I wasn't all that enthused about going out but wanted to go somewhere. Hubby decided we should go to a park a work friend had told him about. It wasn't a really big park, but quite pretty. I can imagine in the summer it would be really pretty. There was an old mill and obviously places that were used for weddings in the summer. As we walked we saw and heard a heron flying overhead as well as a hawk of some kind. I'm hoping if we go back in the Spring there will be some wildlife. I took a few pics, but they are still on my camera.

Mum and I tried to Skype, but it kept kicking us off so I ended up ringing her instead. She still sounds really bad. She says she hasn't been eating either, just sleeping a lot. I did get hold of my sister on Facebook and she said her and my other sister were checking in on Mum and taking her groceries. Sister said if Mum wasn't better by Monday she would be going over to the doctor's office to try to get mum an appointment. Problem is my mum is stubborn - that's where I got my stubbornness from lol. I hope she feels better soon. I told her that, if I was closer, I'd pop over with something to eat.

I had plans for the afternoon but ended up with a headache that made me feel quite sick whenever I moved and made my eyes hurt. Sigh. So I spent the afternoon curled up trying not to move too much. It's still there lingering. Usually the only thing that helps is a good night's sleep.

Today's photo is another squirrel. I seem to be taking a lot of them lately. They are just so darn cute. They may be pests, but their expressions are so funny sometimes.


  1. It's a mum-thing, stubbornness! My mum is too.
    Hope the head is clear and painfree soon and that the snow is shortlived.

  2. Hope your Mom feels better, soon. Hope your headache is gone by morning. Love the photo of the squirrel!

  3. Hope both you and your Mum feel better soon.

  4. That's a gorgeous photo of the squirrel. Sending healing wishes to you and your mum.

  5. Do hope your mum gets better soon. Probably you have been fretting over this and got a headache, stress brings on all sorts of things. Hope things improve. We have snow all through the night into Monday. Joy of Joys. Squirrels are darn cute, totally naughty but cute.

  6. Oh Sharon I do hope your Mum gets well soon. Andy has had a dreadful cold that has been hanging about for a few weeks now and he is thoroughly fed up of it.
    Hope your headache shifts too.

  7. I hope your mum gets better soon. You are right, the squirrels are comical!


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