Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Cold & Snowy Start to the Week

This has to be winter's last least that's what my husband is saying! The snow and cold has returned to cheer in the start of a new week. Sigh. I stayed in yesterday and it looks like I'll be inside today. It is supposed to 'warm' up by the weekend. By warm up I mean about 4c rather than -13c lol. Anything has to be better than this cold.

Anyway...enough moaning about the weather. I did get quite productive yesterday. I sorted through some things and made some big decisions regarding books. I am taking a deep breath and letting some of them go. Sounds silly, but it's quite difficult. I have too many though. I have decided that if I haven't read them and they've been in the house a while, or I won't reread in a reasonable amount of time I will be getting rid of them. I'm sure it will be quite a slow process, but I have decided that I want some of the space back. Besides, I am coming to the conclusion that, even if I did nothing but read for the next few months, I wouldn't get through the ones I have and there are new ones coming out all the time!

I read quite a lot, especially when it's this time of year. I pulled out a few books I want to read this month. There will be more, but these are on my must-leave-the-house lot.

When I took this photo I'd already started one and have since finished it lol. I do have to report that 11 books have been sent to members and another 16 have been put in the bag to donate to the library! I have also sold a few rubber stamp sets on a swap site and a few items on Ebay. I am quite pleased with what I have let go of during the last few days. I think that being inside the house makes me rethink what is important and what I would like to see around me.

I also started a new cowl project yesterday. I pulled out some yarn I had and got stuck in. The yarn is quite squishy and soft, but a pain to work with as it is loosely woven and splits easily. Still, it is some I had on hand and will now be put to use!

Happy Pancake Day! I remember when we were children I always loved this day. Mum made us pancakes with lemon and sugar. I always went light on the lemon and heavy on the sugar lol.

Thanks for all the good thoughts for Mum. I've been in regular contact with Sister who says it seems maybe she is on the mend. She was trying to eat yesterday. Sister will be seeing her today and updating me later. It's a worry when I'm so far away. There is no popping in with some goodies or a chat when she's feeling poorly.

I hope everyone has a good Tuesday! What are you up to today?


  1. You really have had a rough winter, haven't you. It reminds me of Laura Wilders 'The Long Winter'! Storm after storm after storm.

  2. Glad your mum is picking up. Well done on the decluttering. It is hard to decide what to part with. We don't get hard winters here lately but now I'm retired I love to see the snow but I suppose you can have too much of a good thing.

  3. Thrilled to read your Mum is feeling a little better, it is hard when they are so far away. Sounds like you have had a long hard Winter, roll on Spring.

  4. I am so ready for Spring and Summer! Winter is on my de-friend list! That yarn looks so soft!!! That would be a very beautiful scarf...

  5. Lemon and sugar, never had pancakes that way. Here in Wisconsin, it's butter (dairy state) and real maple syrup. My mom would stand by the stove forever making the pancakes to feed all of us. The yard does look squishy. Glad to hear your mum is on the mends.

  6. Glad to hear that your Mum is maybe on the mend. Hopefully, she will continue to recover.

    Pancakes with lemon and sugar - that's how I used to eat them, too, when I was growing up. Thin pancakes, like crepes, not the fluffy American ones.

    Well done on letting go of books! I, too, have decided that I will read/re-read some of the books on my shelves and let them go afterwards. It is very hard for me to let go of books, but, I need to!

    That yarn looks like it would knit up to be a nice, soft cowl! Looking forwards to seeing the finished item. It'll help you keep warm while you wait for spring to arrive!

    On Tuesday, I put gas to the car, did the grocery shopping, washed a sweater, and did some cleaning. Today (Wednesday), it is raining and I plan to do more cleaning and organizing!


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