Friday, May 24, 2019

Long Holiday Weekend

It's a holiday weekend here in the states this weekend. It's one of the few weekends where it is a holiday weekend in America and in the England. This weekend is also the unofficial start of the summer. If beach towns weren't charging for parking before this weekend they are now lol. It's the weekend when people here in Michigan seem to remember that there are plenty of beaches along the lakeshore. It's funny because, before this weekend, even if the weather is nice (hasn't been lately lol) people don't tend to take a walk along the beach. A few people are around but come this weekend the beaches will be packed. I kind of miss the quiet. 

Anyway we are joining in the madness and taking our first camping trip of the season. I can't wait. It's been raining most of the week, but I am hopeful that I might get to see a sunset or a sunrise. The state park we are camping at has a gorgeous view of the lake and lovely sunrise and sunset views. 

I rang Mum today to chat as I won't be talking to her tomorrow. It will seem really strange. I can't believe it will only be weeks until I see her again! We had a nice chat. I shall be sure to send her photos when I get back.

I only took a really short walk today as I got rained out. Instead I managed to get some stuff in the house done. It did sort of clear up later in the day - at least enough that I could take an inside flower photo. Well, not really a flower, but a lovely fluffy dandelion. We had quite a wind blowing through yesterday and I thought I'd missed my chance. 

I hope everyone has a really enjoyable, sunny, relaxing weekend. 


  1. Lovely photo! Enjoy your camping this weekend! Hope you'll have good weather for it.

  2. I hope the weather is kind to you and you have a lovely weekend camping adventure. Fingers crossed for beautiful sunrises/sunsets and look forwards to seeing the photos.

  3. Hope you manage to have a wonderful weekend away and the weather was good for you.

  4. Yes, Memorial Weekend is the "start" of it...we have that here too in WI...northwoods, lakes, fishing....tourists.


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