Monday, December 9, 2019

And So Another Week Begins....

I did manage to get the tea I wanted on Saturday. I got it on sale and because I was a member (free) I got an extra 10% off! I did end up buying other things there. It's a shop that sells different things from around the world and when I went in there holiday chocolates and goodies were 40% off (plus the extra 10%) and they had some British chocolates so I got some for Christmas. When I was a child Mum always put out food goodies at Christmas. They would be on our sideboard and we'd be able to eat the treats we couldn't the rest of the year. I still try to do that each year. Of course when I was child (makes me sound really old!) we didn't have sweets every day, they really were a rare treat.

Husband didn't work Sunday so we did go out. The weather wasn't great, but it wasn't raining or snowing so we decided to go out for a bit. When I looked at my phone to see when the next sunshine would be it said December 17th! Yikes, I hope they are wrong.

On our travels we went to the lakeshore. We had another lot of strong winds in the week so we thought we'd check out another couple beaches and see how they had faired. It didn't look good. We saw several lots of steps that, at one time, must have gone from property down to the beach, but have been washed away.

We also thought we'd stop by and see how this house was faring. We visited last winter and thought it was a precarious place to build a house even then! I don't think it's been sold. I certainly wouldn't buy a house perched right on the edge.

You can see where they have tried to build a wall of stones from the house down to the lake and even in the lake. The fence you see is on the public beach area to stop winds/snow. Unfortunately there is no way to get down on the beach as after that fence there is a shear drop (quite large) down into the lake. There was caution tape up to warn people.

Perhaps the saddest thing we saw was this poor little tree. Once upon a time it was safely on the shore, but the lake waves were lapping over the base and I can't imagine it will be around much longer.

It's a horrible wet and grey dull day here today. I am off out to get a few bits and then shall - happily - spend the day inside tidying up and crafting. Hope everyone has a good Monday!


  1. Well you can't beat 40% off Christmas goodies can you so it would be rude not to

    So somebody purposely built that house right there? How shortsighted of them. I wouldn't fancy it.

    We have actually had some sunshine the last couple of days so it's been quite nice.

  2. Send some of that sun this way! Please!

    Building houses on the lakeshore seems to be a status thing over here. They seem to get bigger and more of an eye sore each year. People cram houses onto every space available. I told my husband that the house in the photo won't be on the lakeshore soon - it will be in the lake!

  3. The wise man builts his house upon the rock...that little Sunday school song ringing in my head as I look at that picture. Snow and -25 windchills here for the next 2 days. I too am going to do some crafting, baking and watching a new Youtube Channel I found called Northern Heart (from Sweden) Have a great day!

  4. Poor house and poor little tree.
    The weather looks ominous. I hope it's not too bad for you.

  5. The lake looks quite choppy with all those waves! I hope that house doesn't fall into the lake one of these days!

    We've had several days of grey, wet weather! Today, however, the sun is shining and the skies are a clear blue! More rain is in the forecast, however.

    Hope you have a lovely day. I will be spending the day tidying up and putting things away!


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