Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Easing Back into the Week

I  managed to get some errands done yesterday - though I forgot to make a list and forgot two of the things I needed to get done, so ended up having to go back out again! Grrrr… I was going to leave the running around until today but yesterday our area popped up with a Winter Weather Advisory due to a snow storm and I hate driving in the snow so decided to go on Tuesday. Today when I woke I was glad that I did go yesterday! It was horrible out first thing - snowy and grey - the hill outside my house didn't look great. I ended up wrapping up some gifts and cleaning up some more before calling mum. We hadn't talked for a week so it was really good to chat with her. After I hung I saw that things had cleared up a little outside so I decided to wrap up warmly and go for a quick walk. Some days I feel really cooped up in the house and a walk always helps. The sun was actually shining a little! I think the birds were stocking up on food. They were out in droves when I put out food.

This little bird pinched a peanut off the porch railing. The peanut was almost as big as the bird!

While we were in Minnesota I did manage to persuade the others to stop at the gardens in St. Cloud. I was so glad to be able to see them in July while things were at full bloom. I was interested in getting another look at them. It was quite eerie walking along. I was the only one walking the cleared path. It wasn't possible to get in many of the gardens - I can't imagine there's much call for everything to be ploughed during winter. With the white, undisturbed snow some of the features seemed to stand alone - including the one below.

If the roads are cleared tomorrow I hope to finish my shopping and then come home and finish the wrapping. Admittedly I shall be glad when it is all finished!


  1. Very brave of you to venture out in the cold and snow! I'd be hibernating until spring!

    Aargh! I have to finish shopping and wrap gifts! I have to write and post cards! I haven't even started decorating the house, yet! Everything I was going to do last week didn't get done because I got sick and now, I am so far behind!

  2. I hope the roads are good and clear before tomorrow so you can do all the things you need to do.

  3. I think I'd welcome just a bit of snow for a change of scenery.....everything is just so damp, brown and muddy here.

    Two very beautiful photos. I love the little bird.

  4. I am envious of your snowy conditions from a photography point of view but it must be a nightmare to drive in it. I hope the roads stay clear enough for you to finish off all your Christmas shopping and preparations.


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