Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Busy Week

Wow! I can't believe it's been a week since I wrote! It was a busy week. I was trying to finish up my mum's calendar and overseas cards so I could get all those in the post and finish shopping for daughter and boyfriend, wrap all their presents and get ready to go! We went away for a long weekend to visit daughter in Minnesota. It is quite a drive to their place from ours so we left early Friday morning - takes about 9/10 hours with minimal toilet breaks -  spent a full day with them Saturday and Sunday and then drove back on Monday. It's quite a tiring trip especially for so little time spent there, but we wanted to do our Christmas together and celebrate daughter's birthday (which will be on the 19th). We were pretty lucky with the drive back, but on the way there we hit a snow storm in Minnesota and it took more than an hour extra to drive! It was a really cold weekend so not a lot of time outside, but we got to spend some fun time together and watched a lot of Christmas films. It wasn't easy saying goodbye but I am planning a trip at the end of January so it will only be a little over a month before I see her again.

On our way back we saw this sign just in time for Christmas - there was a different one on the way down, but I wasn't quick enough to snap it!

I did manage a few photos so I'll try to sort and post some tomorrow. As I said it was quite cold and quite snowy so I wanted to try to at least get a few shots. We did stop on the way back at Minnehaha Falls. Husband hasn't seen it before and I wanted him to see it in winter as it is so beautiful. It wasn't all the way frozen, but there was lots of ice build up. He was really impressed!

I hope everyone had a good week. I have some catching up to do later this evening when things have quietened down. We exchanged gifts so I have things to put away and clothes to wash!


  1. I'm glad you had a nice visit with your daughter and a safe trip there and back! That is quite a long drive! Hope your week goes well.

  2. It sounds a lovely time, despite the weather and it really isn't long before the next visit, is it?

    1. It isn't long at all this time - thank goodness! I think we both feel bad when there is such a gap between visits

  3. I can't imagine traveling for so long.I would be insane with boredom but obviously the destination is so worth it for you.

    That sign is brilliant.


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