Sunday, December 1, 2019

December Already

I feel as though December has come too soon. I don't particularly like the month - the days are some of the darkest of the year, the weather is mostly grey and dismal and people are rushing around with such urgency. I do look forward to the Solstice, knowing that - even though it doesn't seem like it - the darkest day of the year has passed and things will only get lighter. I find the month difficult too as everyone is talking about family, being together, going home for the holidays and I'm so far away from my Mum and sisters - and now - my daughter. I understand people have it a lot worse, with loved ones not around at all anymore. This year I've decided that I'm going to (try!) to do some sort of daily journal. It might be a little of everything though hopefully bright and happy more than sad.

This is day one

I don't do much for decorations about the house, but I might get some colourful, seasonal flowers to put in the house. I like the thought of brightening things up a bit. Perhaps that's why some people really enjoy decorating for Christmas. I do need to get the table cleaned off again - it seems to be a magnet for 'stuff' and - although it was clean for a while - things have slowly found their way there again.

Job for tomorrow - clean off the table, light a seasonal candle (I do love those!) and maybe get some flowers or put my gnomes out to cheer things up!

Hope for tomorrow - sunshine, just a little.


  1. Such a pity that your family is so far away. Skype is a good way of staying in contact ... or so I am told. I love scented candles. I wonder if there is such a thing as a Christmas scented candle.

    1. I think there are Gingerbread ones. I like the vanilla ones the best!

  2. December is my most favourite month of the year....not just because of Christmas. I love the dark nights and normally I like the crisp frosty days although not so much at the minute as the house is so cold.

    A journal will give you something to focus on every day and hopefully make the month pass more quickly for you.

  3. Oh my, I thought it was just us who had a messy table. Up until I moved to the US I never did but my husband tends to have things to hand on the table and I am afraid I have fallen into the same pattern. It only gets cleared off when we have visitors and for Christmas and Thanksgiving although when we had the house up for sale I was more conscientious. I cleared out a drawer in the kitchen cupboards and if we had a viewing I would pop the stuff in it.

    1. I don't ever remember the table being filled at my Mum's - then again it was in the kitchen. I managed to clear off the table for a day!

  4. Ha, I was just telling my daughter, last night, that November should be longer than 30 days! LOL. I think December is a very difficult month for many people. It is especially hard when we are away from family for this is the month of being together for the holidays, isn't it?

    But, I love your journal idea and I love that journal page! Adding some color to the house might brighten things up a bit, too. I hope the month holds many bright days and moments of joy for you. (((HUGS)))

  5. I love the first page of your journal and I hope it will cheer you just as some candles (I love candles too) will brighten your environment. I stick to red, green and gold which I find so very cheerful and happy. We can get candles and melts that are Christmassy scented round here so I guess you can too - you could always look ojn Amazon or another internet-based site to see. Good hunting!


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