Friday, December 6, 2019

End of Week

I can't believe another week is done. Husband and oldest son have to work tomorrow so the house will be quiet. I am going off for a walk somewhere and I *might* do some shopping. I hate going shopping on Saturdays but I've just found out that somewhere has a sale on the tea middle son likes so am thinking of getting him some for a present.

I've finally got the photos for my Mum's calendar so I shall be working on that. Long story short - the place I ordered the photos from messed up. I'm not at all happy as they weren't very helpful and didn't feel the need to rectify the situation. I had to reorder at a higher price so I could get them to do the project. I decided to take a piece of advice from Jacky (and Elsa) and let it go. The photos are now in my hands and some are even on the project! I do have all the cards made that I need to make. So that's a plus. Anything else now is just extra. 

I'm not doing so well on the gift shopping. I don't like shopping. Well, I enjoy shopping for books, but that's about it. Unfortunately I can't just get everyone books. It would be so much easier! I have to at least have daughter's birthday and Christmas presents as well as her boyfriend's by Thursday as we are leaving next Friday for a weekend visit. It's a long way to drive for the weekend - hopefully no snowy roads - but I really want to see her before Christmas and her birthday. 

Pleased about :-

* I am keeping up with my December Daily!

* The washing machine didn't eat any socks this week - they all matched up! Oh how easily pleased I can be.

* My photographic projects seem to be coming together.

Today's photo - this is a snapshot of some of the animal cards I have managed this year. 

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


  1. I love those cards! So cute! Too bad about the photo order being messed up, but, you now know not to use that particular company. I don't actually dislike shopping, but, I get easily overwhelmed when I have too much from which to choose! And I can no longer shop for everyone in one marathon shopping session! I just don't have the stamina! I hope you are able to get the gifts you want for your daughter and her boyfriend before you go to visit them! It is also possible that they might like gift cards (or, even cash) so they can shop for their own gifts! :)

  2. You're right, it would be so useful to buy everyone books for Christmas but no one would be impressed at all in my family.
    Have a good weekend

  3. Ha, ha, ha......that's you and me both then that are easily pleased by ending a laundry session with a full compliment of socks.

    Absolutely love those cards.

  4. WHat a nuisance about the calendar. One lost customer and I bet you're not the only one.
    Did you find the tea?

  5. Thanks for the "tag" - let it go...let it go...Oh, how I've song this song. Customer service is no longer a "thing" - we too have had bad service recently and when we pointed it out..."oh well?!"...I miss the good ol days when the customer was always right and you kept them happy. Let it go....hahhaaha. Love the cards too!


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