Saturday, December 21, 2019

Happy Winter Solstice!

I am always excited by the winter solstice. I know there is still a long, cold and snowy winter to go, but knowing that the darkest day is done and the days will only start getting longer is a comfort somehow. It was actually quite a nice day today. The sun was shining quite brightly when we went out. We took a quick drive to the lakeshore and managed a few photos of the melting ice. It was actually quite quiet out walking. I think most people were shopping. I avoided shopping today. I've done a lot of holiday all week and wanted one day just to relax and enjoy.

I Skyped with my Mum. She is all prepared for the Christmas holiday. She received the calendars and cards that I sent as well as the GC I ordered from W.H Smith (bookshop in England). They are always really prompt about shipping. Mum loves watching out for the 1/2 price books they have on offer. My sister was at Mum's flat when the postman rang the doorbell which was good as sometimes Mum doesn't always hear it too well as she has an upstairs flat (it does have it's own door leading outside). I ordered her a couple of books from Amazon UK that will arrive at her post office on Monday - it's easier for Mum to pick them up as the post office is quite close to her house. I shall talk to her again on Christmas Eve.

This afternoon I did some crafting. I have fallen a little behind on my December daily so worked on that for a while as I am all done with anything else Christmas-y. I do have to put away all the holiday in my craft room but that's for another day.

I might try to see if I can see anything of the moon tonight. Or I might not. I am currently toasty warm as I've had a lovely bath and am in my PJs so might not venture outside lol.

Today's photo - a lovely snowy walk in the woods. This was taken yesterday before the snow started to melt. I might not like driving in the snow, but there is something lovely and peaceful about it.


  1. Happy winter solstice to you, too! It sounds like you are all ready for Christmas! How nice that your gifts to your Mum got to her in time. Thank you for sharing the picture of the snowy path! Looks very wintry and lovely!

  2. Happy winter solstice! Did you catch up with the December daily crafting?


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